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Kitesurfing ControlBars

ProFire by Slingshot
The Power of Carbon Control

With its new releaseable chicken loop system, high modulus carbon construction, and ergonomically happy line winders, this bar basically kick's ass.

Slingshot's carbon bar is light, will float, and comes complete with trim (chicken) loop with integrated safety release, main loop, color-coded (white, gray and red) leaders for all 4 lines, trim cleat, large-diameter center hole to minimize wear, and pro-fire lines (27m total).

The bar is padded for grip and feel. Bar sizes are automatically matched for kite size, and sliding rear-line ring leash system is standard on every bar, including the wrist leash, itself.

The Joystick by Ocean Rodeo
Perfect Control with a Built-In Escape Route

Being attached to a powerful kite is an exhilarating experience, but there can come a time when you just want that power to go away. Ocean Rodeo's new Punch Out release system gives you the confidence to ride hard knowing that you are in control of the situation.

A quick push with the bar instantly releases you from the trim loop putting the power back in your hands and allowing you to let go if necessary. The Joystick Control Bar also comes with backup ball releases on the wrist strap and both hook-in loops.

- Carbon composite construction
- Large diameter centre hole with hourglass shape
- Clean moulded bar ends
- QRS sliding quick release system

Lines and LineSets

Q-Power Line Spool
Q-Power line is specifically engineered for kite sailing applications. The unique cored construction utilizes continuous linear strands of very high tenacity Spectra 2000 fiber encased in an extremely tight braided Spectra 2000 sheath. The resulting line exhibits the ideal characteristics for kite sailing: almost zero stretch, no sleeving required, self-lubrication for minimal friction between lines. A round cross-section to minimize parasitic wind-drag, a tight external braid to reduce abrasion due to dirt, and a higher modulus (stiffness) than traditional line reducing the tendency to tangle. 500ft. spools rated at 600lbs get you a 4-line set at 40m per line. Cut to desired length. Available colors are white, hi-vis yellow and hi-vis orange.


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