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Specialized ProKite Vest
Prolimit kite-vest safety PFD

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Kitesurfing Wetsuits and Drysuits

Prolimit Global Series 5/3
The 2003 Global Series combines technology and design concepts for the ultimate all round performance. The Global Series is ideal for colder air conditions due to the reduction of windchill effect on the full mesh construction. All high stretch areas are G-Rex 5.8 Neoprene while other panels feature G-Rex 3.5. Features:

-Aircore Neoprene
All Prolimit neoprene is developed to our unique specifications & requirements. Our neoprene has seen radical progression in the last few years with the introduction of a closed air cells within the neoprene. This construction drastically limits thermal transfer making the neoprene considerably warmer. At the same time it improves stretch and weight of the neoprene by significant amounts.
-Anti Choke Collar
On all our suits we used the anti choke collar because of the stretch differences between the several neoprene parts. Without the anti choke collar construction the neoprene differences will cause discomfort around the neck.
-G-Rex 3.5 Neoprene
An extremely versatile blend of neoprene. Comparable with other high performance "Hyper stretch" neoprene on the market, but we have focused on developing the memory characteristics and durability. Recognizable by its grey/blue color. Featured in Global series wetsuits.
-ARM Mesh Neoprene
This exclusive neoprene is the only neoprene, which has the best of both worlds. Color and no wind chill, due to its mesh construction. 20% stronger than regular 3.5 G-Rex neoprene, with a high UV resistance and tear strength. The mesh structure in the neoprene ensures high durability.
-Extended Seam Cuffs
On our long sleeve suits we designed our cuffs with long stretch seam technology. This gives added stretch, which improves the comfort and fit, while minimizing water entry.
-Shortzip Construction
Due to the improvements in technology we have been able to reduce the length of the vertical zippers in these wetsuits. The reduced length V-Zip allows more stretch while minimizes water leakage and, offers the easy access of a traditional vertical back zip wetsuit.
-Leg Cuffs
To add to the ease of use, leg cuffs with adjustable velcro leg closure are featured on our Signature, Pro Series and Freeride Series suits with long legs. These feature extended velcro pull tabs and rubber reinforcing patches.

PYRO Dry Suit

ChicagoKitesurfing can't say enough about the Ocean Rodeo Pyro Drysuit for kitesurfing. Its built tough, specifically for kitesurfing where you're jumping and crashing into the water, your equipment is rubbing on it, and its taking a beating. The seals are designed to ward off water entry from being dragged underwater, or taking the plunge from a big jump. The suit is comfortable and lightweight for the material, and is a loose-fitting so your mobility is not constrained when you're out on your kite board in the water. Other added benefits of the OR Pyro drysuit are not having to put on a wet wetsuit, better protection of the cold - it can also fit directly over your jeans if you wish, for those days you head right outta work to chase wind. You can layer some fleece clothes under the drysuit, or you can wear a 0.75mm neoprene wetsuit underneath - something a lot of guys do.

Ocean Rodeo Pyro Dry Suit
Thick, cold water wetsuits are a thing of the past. The Ocean Rodeo Pyro dry suit is specifically engineered for kitesurfing. It has a velcro close-neck seal cover for the neck, a patented suspension flex panel at the knee, and heavy duty dry-suit zipper. This suit is designed to be a bit looser with free-ride style giving you the ability to layer undergarments to match the air and water weather conditions you're riding in that day. The lower body is constructed with 400 denier Quadflex polyurethane-coated nylon to take the hits, while the upper body is 70 denier for comfort. Latex neck, wrist and ankle seals protect against the elements with a leakproof seal. The neck uses fabric overlay for extra protection against hard landings or drags. Extreme durability and flexibility at the waist and knees allow you to get fully tweaked. A heavy duty brass drysuit zipper is standard on all suits. Check the Pyro Chart for sizing requirements:

 Ocean Rodeo Pyro Drysuit Sizing Chart.


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