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Slingshot Kiteboarding

Slingshot has quickly grown into a leader in the kiteboarding industry and offers continually progressing kite and kiteboard performance from leading designers such as John Doyle and Tony Logosz. With one of the most impressive teams on the kitesurfing Pro world tour, the Slingshot team brings light-hearted enthusiasm to the sport.  Read this post from kiteforum.com to see why Slingshot is our brand of choice.

The Team

Slingshot's riders consist of the best in the world and are highly regarded on the World Tour. The series shots at the top of this page show many of the current team members: Ben Wilson, Jeff Tobias, Fiona Wedenig, Justin Souter, Julien Sudrat, Mark Doyle and Paul Macaj. The Slingshot team is hungry and constantly pushing the limits of kitesurfing aerial maneuvers.

The Quality

When someone new looks at kitesurfing equipment, its not always apparent why one product stands above others. Slingshot's reputation of quality construction should not be second-guessed. First, every kite Slingshot makes is tested for water-relaunchability. Every Slingshot kite will relaunch easily from the water. This is not true for many other brands. Also, Slingshot has created their own standards for kite-building and certain characteristics should certainly be considered by anyone purchasing a kite: Mark Cloth material, Folded and Taped Seams, Kevlar wear pads, Strut Wear Pads, Wingtip Wear Pads, 40mm Overlay Double Stitching, Flat Seams preventing LE canopy wear, Scalloped and Re-inforced Trailing Edge, etc. Looking at a Slingshot LEI kite compared to any other brand, the differences jump out immediately.

Mark Cloth and Teijin 45mm is the #1 reason. Mark Cloth is the highest strength-rated ripstop. This cloth is used at all the battens so if there's a tear in the ripstop, it won't reach the batten which makes repairs much easier and less costly. The folded and taped seams are stronger than other seams on the canopy and just looking at the canopy of a Slingshot kite, compared to any other kite, and you can instantly see the Slingshot difference.

The kevlar wear pads everywhere on the kite to prevent edges that typically get dragged over sand won't get worn out quickly. The 40mm overlap stitching is also important, and refers to the bladder sheathing material being overlapped a considerable distance and stitched down each side, so if one side comes loose, there's still plenty of material to re-sew it so it will hold.

The reinforced trailing edge is not only great for relaunching, but wear. For the battens, Slingshot has the battens attached with nylon reinforced webbing double-stitched to the leading edge for superior strength handling the force of waves crashing into a downed kite.

Ask Chicago Kitesurfing why Slingshot kites keep flying when others have exploded, causing the owner to sit on the sand and watch. If a Slingshot kite does get damaged, the repair is usually 50% less costly. Because of all this attention to quality and durability, Slingshot kites cost 25% more to build than any other brand, but...they still cost you the same! Why buy another inflatable brand?

The Performance

When thinking kites, think Slingshot! The name speaks volumes alone! Slingshot kites pull hard and burst with extreme lift and hangtime to pull off that extra spin. Highly regarded for their jumping, power, and hangtime, Slingshot is constantly setting the bar higher with faster speed, faster turning and as always, the best and most sought-after construction of any brand on the market. The Slingshot team continually showcases the kite technology by finishing strong in every event.

The Kite Boards

Construction of kiteboards is equally scrutinized at Slingshot. After all, releasing the best kite technology and sub-standard boards is asking for egg on the face! Utilizing a Duraglide resin base with Divinicell foam cores, the boards will take on rocks and hard object with a smile, keeping you in the surf all day.

Slingshot is also unique in their ability to create a wide variety of high-performance boards that are easy to learn on. These boards satisfy just about any rider's preference. John Doyle, Slingshot's premier board shaper has been shaping boards for decades and comes highly recognized as one of the best. His concepts are usually first-to-market offering riders versatility due to his knowledge of unique rider styles. Slingshot's boards are vast and cover a wide-range of rider preference. The graphics rock, too!

Slingshot Boards


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