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Slingshot Skate Series

These boards from Doyle are in an entirely new category. It's called the Skate category. It is growing in popularity, because it's a simple, fun, hassle-free style. No bindings, and all the freedom you could want when exploring new tricks. Doyle's kiteboards offer better edging for stomping your kite, and great upwind ability. A combination of rail and fin set up allow for all the attributes found in his directional boards but with a skate style stance. When compared to other twins or wakeboards, these boards jump well allowing you to hold more kite. Without a doubt, these boards make this riding style the most innovative category today. John's designs are so efficient that the largest skate you will need is a 157. All the skates can be customized for wind condition or rider ability by simply changing the fin configuration, or removing fins. The Doyle Surf is a totally morphable board that you can easily adjust to fit your riding style using the six-fin configuration...be it directional, twintip, or something in between. This kiteboard has a dozen or more ways that you can set it up. Check out the interview with John Doyle.

Jarvis 157cm kiteboard (pictured with straps)

We will not be undersold!

Bring us your best price and we'll match it...

Drake 147cm kiteboard (pictured with straps)

Zeppelin 137cm kiteboard (pictured with straps)

Slingshot LightWind Series

The review is in! Riding the LFT in light winds was a shocking difference that's immediately apparent. It is the ultimate in light-wind and beginner kiteboards. We've ridden and re-ridden this board in many conditions and own a couple LFTs, ourselves. These boards are very maneuvaerable and the verdict is in....there's a new Light Wind Weapon out there that's winning riders over - the Little Fat Twin.
LFT dimensions - 167cmx49cm - 5'5"x19.25"

Check the Slingshot Little Fat Twin review in the review pages for images and write up on the LFT board for more in-depth information about this awesome, unique kiteboard...

Slingshot SX Series

The 2003 Slingshot SX is like the Slingshot Skate Series on caffeine. It rips in flat water, swell and wave riding. With itsı wide outline, flatter rocker, and low weight, the SX will power up fast and easily. This makes the SX the ideal launch pad for your maneuver collection, allowing more pop for tricks that donıt require sending the kite.

Slingshot board designer John Doyle went wider and shorter with the SX for advanced riders who like to work the kite and want to rail effortlessly. He added the Slingshot Red Line Rail for a softer, rider-friendly rail. And finally, Slingshot poured on the sickest graphics than any board on the market so you could stand out from the mainstream.

The SX, as every board in the Slingshot line, was designed and produced under the Slingshot Core Construction Code just like the skate series boards:

Designed by John Doyle. John takes his custom shapes for the best riders in the world, and reworks them for the masses.
DURAGLIDE base offers bomber protection that standard bottoms cannot match. Itıs P-tex on steroids, and itıs exclusive to Slingshot.
5.7 oz. Hexcel plain weave 12x12 100% Catbon 282 cloth both top and bottom.
6 ob. H80 Divinycell core. Urethan, polystyrene and PU cores simply cannot handle the stress. Itıs mandatory for a high performance product.
7-micron tolerance milling process in both the cores and the molds means up to 1 KILO less weight from excess resin with no dead spots and cavities.
CMC (Compression Molded Cap) construction for superior strength and durability.
Red Line Rail: Creates a softer, rider-friendly rail, red line rail is higher density and stronger

The SX comes standard with the Doyle deck system, or can be setup using the newly designed 4 hole pattern, so with the use of Stiffy Plates from Slingshot, wake style riders can use boots with plates. The SX comes with a six fin configuration that can be tuned by the rider. Boards come complete with Doyle Deck System, straps, 2(1.25ı) & 4(1.75ı) wedge fins. 2 sizes for your riding pleasure: SX 136 and SX 141 (SX141 pictured above with Doyle deck system).
SX 141 dimensions - 141cmx40.5cm - 4'8"x16" - 5.3lb.
SX 136 dimensions - 136cmx39.5cm - 4'6"x15.5" - 5.0lb.

Slingshot Kiteboard Graphics

Row One: Jarvis 157, Drake 147, Zeppelin 137, Misty 137
Row Two: SX 136, SX 141, Surf 150, Surf 157
Not Pictured: LFT (Little Fat Twin), the ultimate light wind board (see directly above)

For more information on kites, boards, full packages, or just accessories, contact us today.

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