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Peter Lynn Guerilla Foil

Peter Lynn Skunkworks has been engineering and re-engineering their kites to balance form, function and design for two years now, and everyone has been waiting...and watching...

The Wait is Now Over.

The Guerilla ARC is in stock and has been well-anticipated! Advancements in construction with specifically-positioned twin-webbing design and re-inforced line load points make for an extremely durable kite that handles the gusts like butter.

Waves and flight are all part of the new Guerilla's dynamics. Forward swept twin-skin technology provides very smooth power through transitions and wave-riding, yet also increases turning, upwind-ability and the ability to boost big while waiting to come down!

Peter Lynn Guerilla

The new Guerilla has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and its for good reason. The new addition to the Peter Lynn kite line boasts a high aspect ratio, superior construction, performance and an entirely new face-lift while balancing ease of use into the mix.

This kite is capable of flying off the rear lines so the perils of over-sheeting are reduced in jumps, allowing you to hang longer and wonder why you haven't come down yet.

Guerilla is available in sizes:
G10, G13, G15, G18
The G10 and G15 are red, the G13 and G18 are yellow.

The new Peter Lynn Guerilla is a high performance kite specially for the kiteboarder who wants to ride to their limits. The Guerilla consists of two layers of fabric with a set of profiles stitched in between. There are no bridle lines which cause drag so on this kite the flying lines are attached directly to the tips. The two upright spars in the tips keep the kite in shape and produce responsive and accurate steering. The twin skin technology creates a cleaner aerodynamic shape. The Airflow around the wing is cleaner which allows the kite kite to generate more power, lift and float. The large number of cells in the wing allow the designers to give individual parts of the kite particular flying characteristics; e.g. having the centre of the kite producing more lift, while having the wing tips improving stability.

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