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Slingshot Leading Edge Inflatable Kites

Slingshot Fuel Series

More Boost, More Speed and More Range makes the Slingshot Fuel a sick kite to ride. Multiple attachment options allow you to "tune" the kite's power and response to give you the ultimate in flexibility and expand its windrange so you can tear it up in changing conditions. Customizing your riding style isn't where it ends...

Hardcore materials and reinforcements found only on Slingshot kites make the Fuel and GTO stand alone on the water, when other kites fall apart. Nearly "bomb-proof", Slingshot keeps you on the water and away from costly repairs at the shop.

Aspect ratio for the Fuel is "high"
Aspect ratio for the GTO is "moderate to high"

For more information about the 2003 Slingshot Kites, try visiting our Slingshot GTO page, or the reviews page.

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we'll match it!

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Who Is Slingshot, Anyway?

Slingshot Wind Range Chart 

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