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Slingshot GTO Series

The GTO is here!

Youıve read about it. You hear about it on the beach. It consumes your kiting dreams. You need to get your hands on it!

We will not be undersold. Bring us your best price and we will match it.

The GTO has been team-tested, re-designed, revised, and Slingshot-approved. The highest standards for quality have been met.

The GTO is a freeride machine. It combines quick turning capability and super smooth power, making it the ultimate kite for the surf and gusty winds. The GTO also tames any fear caused by competition level kites, making it ideal for riders looking to improve their riding.

The GTO is fun, yet forgiving. Itıs so buttery smooth through the power that youıll be wiping the drippings from the corners of your mouth after each session. Why settle for satin, when you can ride silk? The 2003 GTO will frolic through the surf, rocket through the gusts, and propel your riding to a new level.

Available sizes: 3m, 5m, 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m and 15m


80kg/175lb 60kg/130lb Aspect Ratio Surface Area Projected Area
GTO 3 Training Training high 3 2.2
GTO 5 27-37 22-33 high 5 3.67
GTO 7 25-35 20-30 high 7 5.14
GTO 9 22-33 18-28 high 9 6.62
GTO 11 18-30 16-26 high 11 8.08
GTO 13 16-28 14-22 high 13 9.55
GTO 15 14-24 12-20 high 15 13.2

Custom Fuel Injector (C.F.I.) - The attachment options allow you to customize the turning, speed, and power of your kite by increasing or decreasing the kite's wingtip chord. Moving the attachment points back increase the angle of attack, creating extra lift. Decrease the angle of attack by moving the attachments toward the front. This allows for more speed from the increased efficiency of the foil. Similar to power steering, the rear points effect how much throw is required to fully sheet your chicken loop which is inversely proportional to the bar pressure.

** W E A P O N S   F O R   T H E   U P R I S I N G **

For more information, or to place an order, please contact us.

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