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Kitesurfing Trainer Kites and Kites for Snowboarding or Ice

Slingshot B-Series Foils

Kitesurfing Training Kites and Small Foils

Get started properly by learning how to kite, first. The kite is 60-70% of kitesurfing and you should know how to fly a kite without having to even watch it in the air. The B-series kites from slingshot are perfect training kites. The B2 and B3 will pull considerably strong for their size, giving you a feel for the power of the kites. These kites come in sizes up to 5 meters.

B2 Trainer Kite Package
Hands down the best kite on the market to learn on. Everyone needs to learn the basics, and no body likes to get hurt. The B2 teaches basic flying maneuvers which are essential for a safe transition to full size traction kites.  It comes with everything you need including a control bar and most importantly, the same instruction guide as our traction kites.  Self explanatory and inexpensive, this is the best kite to get you up and flying before getting on a board.

The B2 is an open-cell design so you simply lay it out and launch it yourself. You can land it simply by steering it low to the edge of the window and letting it steer slowly to the ground. Very simple, safe, and effective to learn the kite portion of kitesurfing.

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