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Larry Gonyea's Snowboard Modified with Straps

Snowboard with Straps Full Shot

Snowboard with Straps Close-up

Larry's comments: Regarding using footstraps on a snowboard. I like the flexibility of being able to move my feet/knees in the direction of travel (my knees bother me if I go "duck")...and I want to be able to pull the board off my feet and put it back on in the air on the monster jumps (so far, I can pull it off, getting it back on is the problem... :).

A couple things to note: 1) I used windsurfing/kiteboard footstraps with the external velcro adjustment and added about 6" of velcro to the strap. There is no way that you will be able to fit your boot in a standard foot straps. 2) You will probably need at least 5 sets of holes to allow for the width of your boot (some snowboards do not have this many). 3) I use my snowboard boots with it. They are more rigid than standard winter boots and allow more leverage on the board.

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