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Yearly Chicago Kiteboarding News

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Yearly Events
May Chicago Kitesurfing Swap Meet!
February Kites on Ice - Snow Kiteboarding Events
Monthly News
2003 Contest Chicago Kitesurfing KOLA Competition
September 2003 Redbull King of the Air
August 2003 Redbull Flugtag Chicago
July 2003 Slingshot Wins Bullfight and Hangtime at Fuerteventura
June 2003 Slingshot Cement Findings - No to Surf EXPO
May 2003 Slingshot Retains Kite License
May 2003 2003 Chicago Kitesurfing Swap Meet
April 2003 Slingshot's New Innovation for 2004 - Mr. One Pump!
April 2003 WGN Features Chicago Kitesurfer Peter Kearns during the local News
March 2003 Chicago Magazine Features Chicago Kitesurfing
March 2003 Slingshot's Mark Doyle Shows up Mammoth - Kitesnowboarding
March 2003 Slingshot SX Kiteboards - SX Sickness!!
March 2003 Julien Sudrat Wins KPWT
February 2003 Kitesurf Italia Reviews 2003 Slingshot Fuel
December 2002 Ocean Rodeo Joystick Punch-Out Kite Bar Wins European Award
October 2002 Kirsty Jones Crosses Irish Sea on Kiteboard
September 2002 Slingshot Sweeps 2002 European Kitesurf Championships!!


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