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Chicago Kitesurfing Technical Documents

These technical documents are not meant to replace kitesurfing lessons from an instructor, but rather to serve as a reminder or replacement for lost information. These are best viewed by right-clicking on the link, then selecting "save target as..." and storing them on your harddrive.

Slingshot Kiteboarding

Line Attachment Points on the Kite CFI - Custom Fuel Injection Settings
Cleat and Pulley Depower System Cleat and Pulley Depower System
Setting up the Lines Firewire Setup
Setting up a Slingshot Kiteboarding LEI Kite Slingshot Kite Setup
Flying on Land Flying a Slingshot Kite on Land
Slingshot Kiteboarding Surefire Wrist Release Slingshot Kiteboarding Wrist Release

Peter Lynn Kiteboarding

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