Sunday 17th,Sheboygan

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Re: Sunday 17th,Sheboygan

Postby West » Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:25 am

Yeah, what can you say about that day but ALL-TIME!!! Passed Andrew's house to the sight of the first whitecap showing itself, and by the time Maui Greg and I pulled in to the parking lot, we saw a white Slingshot being launched...took about 12 seconds to realize it was the Madison madman riding the "wind that was not there", as he was lit and yet it appeared as if he was mystically powered....and the whole day was one out of a fable!!!!!!!!!!!

Slowly, steadily, and surely the wind did it's Shesablowin' thang. One by one kiters from the region showed up with a zest and a smile indicative of was very evident that it was going to be something awfully special up in Sheboygan County (which is 59% water) on this day!!! :) A little bit of MAGIC for the faithful........

By the time I had unpacked the plethora of boards that I had stowed was on like Donkey Kong!!!! Jens came in with his 14m, and was looking for a smaller kite....the Sheriff was saddling up on his 13m, and out the chute he flew. Greg casually rigged his 11m, and grabbed one of the Bro stix and headed towards the growing gathering of kites that eventually filled the the time I had the 134 Wake set-up for Jens and the Sheriff, it was cranking 20 to 25 and I grabbed my 9m and walked up the beach to rig myself....had to walk the beach abit, but it was filled in nicely down low for about a couple of hours, so I didn't mind at all. :wink:

Ryan was ripping up and down the beach, once venturing in between the jetties for a spin, and then back up to grab another vessel to sail; he had alot of the Milwaukee crew with him hanging on the tailgate of his truck between sessions....I believe he personally had about 5-6 sesh's throughout the day, always sporting a different ride. I, like Jens, was able to try the 11m Fuel, and enjoyed it's consistent pull, and easy handling!!

The Boygan boyz laid out the "red carpet": bringing their lovely ladies, their friendly dogs, their welcoming spirit, coolers of beers pops and water, grills with the fixins.....what a welcoming crew, it was most appreciated by ALL!!!! Great to see Pena, Steve, and Dave (really missed Colin, but I brought him a vintage throw-back chair for the Rumpus room)...met Monty and Dirk, what a pleasure!!!

Great to see the Madison crew throwing their wake shiz....Vic, Anderson, crazy C, and the madwaker himself. Ivo and the boyz up from Chi-town, fresh off of 3 hours of had to see Marek to believe he was even walking.... :lol: Way to "pony-up" boyz. And yes they brought some Pilsner Urquell to tantalize the Sheriff's palate, and Pena made them feel as though they were on a Mediterranean beach in his tight fitting skibbies looking fit as a fiddle!!!!! Good to see Hartman and Mandy make it from Chicago as well. In fact there were several girls kiting yesterday, Erika and Rayna riding very well indeed....

Saw a contingent from the Fond-du Lac area, and boy were they enjoying the Big Lake :D :D. Great to see Kosh Kris make it over from Troy, flying a 9m on his "secret weapon"!!!! Noah and Artem made the trek, and Greg and I had the pleasure of towing in that loop-throwing maniac from the outside at the end of the day, as his kite had dissintegrated upon impact.....gottta love the smile on that fool, when most would be bitchin' and complainin' bout their misfortune; we always relish the opportunity to tow in his happy ass!!!!

The Sheriff was vastly impressed with the drive John Lynch made from somewhere South of Chicago to make it to the festive day......I was able to let him know it was a day worth driving for, and he made it up and was judiciously rewarded....he kited till he could kite no more, made some new friends, and enjoyed the beach scene....KUDOS, buddy!! Hats off to Schiff, who damn near drove to 2 Rivers, came back to Sheboygan only to get caught on the North side of the jetty looking at all the kites, wondering when am I gonna hit the Beach? Well he made it, and still mustered up a big damn SMILE, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Seeing the Sheriff cut off the top of his BIG gatorade container and proceed to pass around Schiff's homemade Mimosa concoction to the last 9 kiters that were enjoying the mimosa colored rays of the sun filtering through the trees of that lazy, hot afternoon beach parking lot was PRICELESS......Jens, Chris, Schiff, Greg, myself, Andrew, Pena, Joe and Monty!!! What a day, one for the AGES.......

And yes, the riding was great; but this one was about the gathering....the MAGIC of a Sunday afternoon on a Midwestern Beach on a steamy Summer afternoon with a bunch of kiting buddies where the wind "faithfullly" joined.....and like the toast that was given when the Mimosa made it round the circle, "this is living"!!!!! 8)

THANKS to all for a joyous day, thanks to all for respecting the rules, and thanks to all for believing in the day.......ratlle, rattle!!!
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Re: Sunday 17th,Sheboygan

Postby Northerner » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:03 am

Sunday was nice, with Wednesday looking to repeat at this pt. I'm thinking sheboygan late morning and afternoon, Then a little trip to our SW spot up north for an evening session. Water temps have dropped from sunday. I swam in the morning and late evening yesterday. Big difference as the West wind during the day pushed the warm water to the other side. 3-2 for tomorrow

Palatine Greg I hope to see you in the A.M.

West lets see some of those pics when you get a chance buddy
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Re: Sunday 17th,Sheboygan

Postby victor » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:29 am

Fixed the video should work now.
thanks Jens for pointing it out.
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Re: Sunday 17th,Sheboygan

Postby STF » Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:02 pm

Its taken a good day for my body to recoup and be able to type....but what a day Sunday was! Have been on this forum for awhile and have seen and traded posts from the Sheriff and Jensmadwind for years but until yesterday had never met them. It was great to final meet both of them and get a taste of the Sheboygan area and warm vibe that the kitebeach had up there. I had never been to Sheboygan before Sunday and have been kiting for a few years. I brought along a cooler of Redstripe and some brats as a peace offering for the Sheriff of the lands. What A PLACE! Beaches everywhere, with beautiful sites of the great lake from the road, bluffs, and the beach itself. I had been keeping an I on the post for about sunday for a few days and decided i got sunday off lets give it a shot. The Sheriffs wind call impressed me so I decided to make the drive. The whole drive up i saw limp flags everywhere, several times i argued with myself whether i should turn around, but i kept on going. when i got to Sheboygan I didnt know where i was going and drove to the lake and started heading north along the coast for awhile. There was still no wind anywhere and i was now swearing like a cowboy who got bucked from his horse. I must of drove North for a good 25 min. before i decided i was going the wrong way and turned around. After headed back south and passing several beaches I saw a lone kite in the air further south. I headed south and took a left to the beach only to end up in some huge resort complex on the wrong side of the river, staring to the lake and now seeing about 3 kites just a tad to the south, and wondering if myself, my pooch Hobiecat, and all are gear were going to have to build a raft and forge a river. After debating myself on this, I decided head west, and cross the river by auto. Finally I found a road to the beach where i saw some more kites in the air. As i got closer i could now see about 25+ kites on the water and knew i had found the base. I unpacked and set up my 10m, true to the Sheriffs forecast it was blowing a good 18-20. I couldnt believe it! There was no wind along the drive up and no wind anywhere else i drove on the coast. Had a blast on the water and riding with that many kiters just puts a smile on your face. It was a georgeous site! I saw a lot of the chi crew, and met many more from all over. After the kiting there was some grilling of brats and drinking of some beers till the late hours. There was also the passing around of the watermans mimosa (gatorade and champagne). Good stuff! All in all a fantiastic day and night. Good to meet everyone and see everyone! Special thanks to the Sheriff of the Land for the stellar forecast and the warm welcome. Hope to do it agian soon.

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Re: Sunday 17th,Sheboygan

Postby anderson » Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:07 pm

Awesome day! The Sheboygan crew really took the whole summer kiting experience above and beyond. Barely step on the beach 10:00am and already had a Hamms on my hand. Next time I will bring the Skols.

Everyone was leaving no prisioners behind and yet keeping the harmony flowing in the zoo.

Great to see everyone that I mostly see on the other side of the lake.

Definitely the best day I ever had kiting in flat waters in Sheboygan.

many thx
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Re: Sunday 17th,Sheboygan

Postby Bob » Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:32 pm

You guys all suck. I hate you all. All I say. Yea...just for that, I'm going to....going to....going to... nothin.

Gonna have to grab some of that next time and maybe I can bring some new toys for all to try.

madison, wi
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