Wed sept 19th Waukegan

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Re: Wed sept 19th Waukegan

Post by Eric A. » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:12 am

Fun few days on the water. 6m each day for my little a$$.
Rode some nice lil 3 footers Tuesday with the bros in SoHa and some even cleaner 2footers yesterday at HSP.

Tuesday...was great fun and I loved seeing all my friends from everywhere out there killing it. Jens has got the strapless riding down to where it just looks natural to him.....the guy has put in his time and it shows.....The bros ripped a SoHa to StJo while most of us hung out at the bluestairs break where it was nice and heavy.......but Wednesday was absolutley beautiful for me. HSP serves up a beautiful swell that goes for quite a was smooth, pretty nice size...2foot..and just mental down near the pavilion. Shock top was murdering it out there....big smiles. West was not leaving anything alive out there...he was killing it....the Madison boys ran a dw to PS and by the looks of it downwind....they got some good rides.

Today is a rest day then tomorrow SoHa goes again to 20 they say
.....then big winds Saturday n Sunday.....then repeat cycle with good Sw on Monday....And on and on until it's to cold to go.

I just love fall in The great lakes.......magic.

Nice to be back on the water again....this summer was brutal with gigs.....simmering down now while the wind is cranking up.

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Re: Wed sept 19th Waukegan

Post by Artem » Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:13 pm

did anyone get pics of that day? If ya did post em up!!!!
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