HSP...rain on, dream on

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HSP...rain on, dream on

Postby West » Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:12 pm

Hit the parking lot to the sight of raindrops and more raindrops... Left my driveway before 5 to make the 3 hour trek to Holland. My bros all had commitments so Kuau and I pressed onward thru the drops hoping to slide a sesh in before the wind switched West and onshore...

As the squall passed I saw the beacons appear at the end of pier. The waves were smooth and some sets were breaking out past the pier. No kiters but a dozen surfers braving the conditions...I pumped up my 9m got into my suit and took my 7m with me to the beach....quickly realized I needed the 7m and rigged it and launched

I had called a local liter Erik and he joined me as I launched the 7m in the rain. First wave was worth the drive...waves were 6 to 8 with some double overhead renegades pushing through occasionally...Holland on a Strong SSW can offer up some magical conditions, and this was one of those days...

The rain would come and go, but about noon it stopped and the wind backed S...what were great conditions turned into pure INSANITY....the wind steadied, and the waves glassed off, lined up and pumped incessantly for bout an hour...there was no searching for a wave, as I would pick one up at the pier and ride it all the way to the beach, past the state park...I would tack out and point upwind to catch another and another and another...one after another till the wind slowly clocked West... Came in as the wind switched onshore and the magic receded...

Got skunked last week on a rainy SSW at Holland....this time I grabbed a pocketful of MAGIC and smiled as the raindrops dripped off my hoodie into my eyes....gotta love the search on the Big Lake!!!

Had several hours to re-live the INSANITY as I travelled home...recapping some of the wave rides in my mind, thinking of the fact that I almost turned around on the road earlier that morning, remembering the wave that I misread and got munched and dropped my kite...thinking of the waves of mist and fog, seeing Big Red proudly stand watch in my mind's eye...

Grabbed a pint at Greenbush reminiscing still about the day...WOW!! As I made the final steps home I was still re-living IT!!!! Sure glad I had the time to relish the experience , cause as I pulled back into my driveway I was leaving the magic behind..... :wink:

Rainy day, Dream away...let the SUN take a holiday
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Re: HSP...rain on, dream on

Postby FSP » Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:24 pm

phones burnin up, winds a changin and downies happn. the boyz got the dropoffs done and over the hill to grandmas house we went. she lives in the dunes. we had to cross some waves and take some airs but traveling down the our coast was lit and lighted by the sweet afterburners as the sun set on. few jacked loops and hacks off the top we pulled in at dark. crew was stoked. let the glory stories begin...its prime time fall givin its all!
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