the so you think ur badd ass sesh

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the so you think ur badd ass sesh

Postby FSP » Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:34 pm

And so were out in some pretty damn chilly hard north winds today, bustin our airs and slashes them turns when adesguy yells over, watch out theres a guy swimming??? Though I cant feel my face, and fingers are slipping into numbness, I chuckle and head 45 yards out towards the buoy hes referring to, when i see upclose it has eyes!!!! Now im trippin and thinking its time to warm up but then I see arms pop out and sure as shit its a dude whos well out over his head, in the waves, and currents with nothing on but a speedo!! I mean this crazy dude is out there all alone and swimming in extremely fridgid water and air for what appears to be about an hour of this!!

Now there is the polar bear challenge and all but this is a whole other level! Turns out hes an up and coming MMA fighter and this is what he toughens up doing. I hardly feel so bad ass anymore :D :D :D !
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Re: the so you think ur badd ass sesh

Postby adseguy » Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:50 am

He makes Chuck Norris look like a newborn kitten. I saw him on the nightly news first since he's had the Cops and the Water Rescue team called on him dozens of times. It's not illegal what he's doing and they've learned to respond properly now. Kinda like the early days of kiteboarding at Montrose when there were calls of "a guy with a parachute in the water" LOL.

BTW, I found a really good technique when your hands start getting numb. I set my stopper ball, throw both my hands to the side and shake them violently. New blood is forced to the extremities. Just one tack of about a minute was enough for 15-20 minutes of riding. Since my core was still warm I could have gone on forever in those conditions. Impressive considering the air was 35* and water, well, we all know that's cold as shit. Now what to do about my feet. I woke up with some green smelly stuff on them, hmm, maybe another session to wash that away 8)
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