Local wisdom?

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Local wisdom?

Postby MikeRem » Sat May 17, 2014 7:35 pm

Wow, what a great website! Looking for advice/tips/local wisdom on places and conditions. Coming down from Alaska, will be in Evanston May 19-28 and would like to do some kiting. I'm still kind of a newbie (no "deliberate" boosting yet), mostly on snow, but I’ve been on the water a few times and love it. Sweet time in Turnagain Arm yesterday, water was around 42F, so I’m okay with low temps/gear, etc.

This message board is great, but I’m not sure I get all the lingo. I just want some time on the water without gettin creamed up against a lighthouse or swinging from a mast in the marina or something. Looks like maybe Zion and Waukegan are easy shots from Evanston?... Would appreciate any tips/headsups over the next week or so, would enjoy meeting local gurus. Thanks.
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Re: Local wisdom?

Postby adseguy » Sat May 17, 2014 8:12 pm

Waukegan and Zion, just like you said. Pretty close proximity and rides a bunch of directions from NNW to SSW. Stay on the forums and don't hesitate to post up yourself. We definitely have some kind of wind coming on Monday/Tuesday and most likely some in the near future as well.

Don't worry about the lingo, most people don't get/don't care for it either, but the important stuff should be around. Like I said just check in, post up and ask questions. I won't be in town next week so I can't help you on the when, but checkin on the wind meters locally with sailflow/windalert/ etc for Waukegan and that should give you a good guess on the conditions. Water is still pretty cold at mid forties (I think) so definitely bring the gear.
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Re: Local wisdom?

Postby MikeRem » Thu May 29, 2014 7:50 am

Fantastic afternoon at Zion yesterday, winds NNE, 20-30mph, beautiful beach all to ourselves just south of the Park Service station.
What a sweet spot. Man, you guys have a lot of nice options. We'll be back!
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Re: Local wisdom?

Postby JDL » Thu May 29, 2014 1:23 pm

glad you got it so good. safe travels...

send us some pictures of Turnagain and the Chugach please
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