Sunday June 12 + Intro

Kitesurfing or snowkiting...if the wind's blowin'...where you goin?

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Sunday June 12 + Intro

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Hi Everyone,

I'm interning in Chicago this summer (from Boston) and looking forward to riding with many of you. I've been kiting for over 3 years now and have my IKO card, so was hoping to try to get out on the water off of Montrose beach (would need to get flyer per instructions). Will people be riding there Sunday morning (or day if wind)? Would prefer to go there for proximity sake but would be willing to drive elsewhere.

Also, if someone is kiting on Saturday, I may be free on Saturday as well - just not familiar with local wind conditions and locations.


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Re: Sunday June 12 + Intro

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Waukegan is the place to be on a Northeast wind if you have a car. Zion which is just north is also sweet. No cert needed for those beaches and there will always be kiters if it's windy.

I went to school in Boston. Great place! Glad to have some out of towners for the summer here.
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