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Bob, I don't think anyone tried the Verve and it just sat alone on the beach. I would like to the compare the two some time. The Celeritas was just to nice to step off of. I compared the bottom shape of the board to Pena's Rawson and it has a alittle sharper rail and more concave along with the fatter tail of course. My only complaint would be the placment of the back foot strap. It felt like it was 2 inches to far back towards the end of my 2 hours session on it. Every tack though I would move my back foot up up towards the front to get a more comfortable stance. It would be interesting to see how the changing of the back ft strap effects the turns it makes.

Nice wind and waves this morning up here. To bad work is calling as the wind will die by 1 I'm guessing
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Andrew. I agree 100% on the strap placement. Even though I'm a little taller, I also felt the Celeritas had the back foot too far back. I'll move it forward asap.

How did you like the front rotating strap? I rode it for a long time and didn't even think about my front foot and usually I have to tweak it in straight straps to get it angled right. It felt quite natural being able to have the front foot angled.

Man...good winds coming later this week again.
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I might b able to go somewhere this weekend. Wohoo!

Pray for those winds!!

Rotating foot strap?

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