Pictures and Videos of locals or just great shots. Put em here and brag to your buds about your mad skills fo-shizzle.

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Postby Big wave John » Fri Aug 24, 2012 11:28 pm

Big wave John
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Re: Chicks!!!!!!

Postby IVO » Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:11 pm

I skipped a kid and checked the chick,she is doing great for a "girl" John.I have a friend on Maui,she might be in her late 50,but charging with power,style and into size of waves most would turn opposite direction :shock: ..only pony tail flying behind her back in Portuguese Triangle
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Re: Chicks!!!!!!

Postby V » Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:26 am

Waddell...ahhh the memories. Love that crazy spot!
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