Fun with a Blade Fat Lady and Axis Vanguard 148 cm board

Pictures and Videos of locals or just great shots. Put em here and brag to your buds about your mad skills fo-shizzle.

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Fun with a Blade Fat Lady and Axis Vanguard 148 cm board

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In lighter winds, I've been riding foil boards almost all summer to get dialed in on those bad boys. So I've been spending all my lighter wind days on foil boards and the biggest kite was a 12m and mostly a 10m. I hardly rode anything bigger than a 12m for months and months. In Cape Hatteras this fall, we got up super early (before sunrise) at the end of our first week to catch what we thought would be a strong 12m downwinder session. The winds were lighter than we expected, so we all put up big kites. I was not really excited at all to ride a 17m instead of 12m and completely forgot how much fun these kites can be in lighter winds.

I was really stoked to get some sessions on this kite and remind me how much fun can be had on big kites in the right winds.

Casey VanSanten and I both had our Gopros and rode from the Planet back to our house and recorded some great footage. After seeing the footage and pics, it looked like a great opportunity to post a video review of both the Fat Lady (2014/2015) and Axis 2014 148 Vanguard.

Below is a video review of these 2 awesome products. Very little talking, just action of the fun you can have in lighter winds The winds were around 10-17 give or take a little. Nothing super strong.

Enjoy and feel free to contact me for any of these great products.

Fat Lady 17m kite.
Axis Vanguard 148 cm board
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madison, wi

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