Kite video in Prea - New kite beach in Brazil!

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Kite video in Prea - New kite beach in Brazil!

Postby vilaprea » Mon May 01, 2006 3:05 am

Brazil is becoming a famous destination for kitesurfing and with 600 km of beaches, the coast of Ceara, offers 6 months (July thru December) of constant wind, tropical climate and amazing white sandy beaches! Here is a quick overview of the area:

Cumbuco is probably the most famous spot with several kite schools and it is closest to Fortaleza (about 15 miles). Another spot becoming well-known is Paracuru, about 100 miles West of Fortaleza, also good wind and water conditions, Paracuru is the largest city on the coast between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara.

Pousadas (brazilian bed and breakfasts) are usually located close to the spots, you shouldn't have to walk for more than 5 minutes, and in most cases there is lodging right on the beach, then all you have to do is wake-up, have breakfast and ride.

There is a new kite beach coming up called "Prea", it is 7 miles before you get to Jericoacoara. Kite beach is a 10 mile-long bay with white sand, guaranteed side-on-shore winds from July to December, and no obstacles or rocks!! There are no safety issues here (such as gear disappearing on the beach) because of the distance from larger cities and the locals are very friendly, many times fishermen will bring back lost gear.

View the kitesurf video at :

A lot of people remember Prea for its unbelievable 10 km sunset downwinders, and the village borders the National Parc where there are many flat-water-lagoons (only 10 min. buggy drive), the wind there may be a little gusty, but the spots are beautiful

In regards to the wind conditions, almost every day between July and December in Prea, 20 knots in the morning and 25 to 30 in the afternoon, then it usually drops about 5 knots before sunset.

In Sept, Oct and Nov, you may get 3-5 days a month with 35 knots in the afternoon, due to the New Moon and Full Moon effects Very Happy

The fishing village of Prea is starting to develop and has a couple of restaurants and hotels on the beach, and if you are looking for some serious nightlife, Jericoacoara is only a 15 minute dune buggy ride away, party goes on from midnight to 6:00 am.

We just added a new slideshow of the area (Jeri, Prea and the National parc) at:

New slideshow at :

If you need any more info on the area or are looking for lodging, pm me or email me at

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