Bandit 3 9m finally in! And a little review out of the box

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Bandit 3 9m finally in! And a little review out of the box

Postby Dutchkiteboarder » Tue May 25, 2010 5:09 pm

So after a long time waiting I finally got my B3 9 meters in. I used to ride the B1 and B2. Both kites just a 9 meters because it was enough for me. Lets start with a first impression.

Just out of the box
The kite comes in a very stylish bag as usual. Just had to look for the bar because the B1 and B2 had a little mesh net at the side of the bag with a special bag for your bar.

One pump system
New on the B3 is the one pump system. F.One always had a reason for not putting it on the kites, they thought it was easier if you had to repair your bladders. Pressure it up to 10 PSI!

2 new pullies at the bridles
The bridle system has been improved too. Since the B1 and B2 only had 1 pully, is the B3 now equipt with 3 pullies at each side. Advantage? I have no idea, need to wait for my wet experience.

New Bar
Bar is new and improved. Safety line goes to the black block where the chickenloop is attached to. Hopefully less wear on the safety line.

Probably the worse review ever. Can't wait to test it out on the water and feel free to give it a try! If any wants to test another size, there is another guy on the forum who rides B3s
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