2012 Cabrinha closeout order - by Friday

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2012 Cabrinha closeout order - by Friday

Postby Bob » Tue May 22, 2012 11:49 pm

I'm potentially placing a fairly large order with Cabrinha. They are making an offer for me to buy closeout priced kites well before the closeout season starts.

Cabrinha typically starts coming out with next years kites in July/August, but they are delaying it this year until September. However, they do have some stock they want to sell and are offering a really good discount.

In order to place this order though I'd like to have at least half the kites pre-sold.

Hence, the reason for me posting this on the forum.


You will have access to any of the kites, but some sizes are limited. SB IDS 14m's are all sold out.

1) Big discount on any single kite. I sent out emails to my entire list with more details, but don't want to post it online.
2) Bigger discount on 2 or more kites.
3) You can take up to 90 days to pay in full.
4) I ask for most to pay via check or look into www.dwolla.com. Dwolla lets you pay me direct and only charges $.25 per transaction instead of the high 3% that credit card companies charge.
5) I need to place the order by Friday, so let's talk some kites.
6) Will need a deposit to hold and once the order is placed the remaining balance will be run.

Take a look at the Cabrinha line-up if you are unsure of which model would suit you best.

Here's a quick description of each kite.

SB IDS = Best selling kite. Freestyle, wakestyle with great range and jumping.
CB IDS = More expensive. Freeride and racing. Tons of range and big boosting.
Nomad = Aggressive Freestyle/kitelooping. Lighter bar pressure and fast turning.
Drifter = Wave kite and fast turning.
Vector = Progression kite that is easy to handle, easy to relaunch and really good range.

Hope this helps and please contact me asap if interested.

Check out my web site for more info. The SB IDS is currently on their and I'll be adding the rest yet tonight.



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