2013 JP Australia SUP demo boards

If you got some new digs, thinkin its gonna help your kiting step-up to the next level, blow out your used gear here and watch that grom shred harder than you on your old kite.

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2013 JP Australia SUP demo boards

Postby Bob » Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:23 pm

I was able to score some brand new (show demo) SUP's by JP Australia while at Surf Expo in Orlando and I have 3 of them that need a new home. SUP = Stand Up Paddleboard for those asking. We had a blast riding these boards on our trip to Cape Hatteras this fall and lucky we had them due to lack of wind for some of the days. It made the trip a lot more fun being able to cruise and catch some waves. At times, we had 7-8 riders on the water/waves at the same time.

These are all 2013 models and on one session, a JP rep rode up to Jens and asked where he got his board since there were none others on the island. I got lucky to get those boards, but they now need a new home.

1) The 1st one is a JP Australia Carbon Cruiser 12'6" x 30" board. This is a super LIGHT board with a displacement hull for fast paddling through the water, and it does a whole lot more. It's wide enough that while in Cape Hatteras, I would take a cruise and got a great workout in and I'd finish the session doing some basic yoga on the board. It also has an attachment for a fishing adapter and a go pro adapter. This is a very versatile board and lighter than a lot of more expensive race boards, but so much easier to paddle. Retail is $2189...sell for $1532.00. . Comes with a board bag for $100 extra. You'll want the bag to protect this beautiful looking board.

2) The 2rd one is a JP Australia Wide Body 10'9" x 32" board that is great in the waves and easy to ride in most any condition. I had a lot of fun riding this board in Cape Hatteras this fall when we had no wind, but good waves. Retail is $1599.00...sell for $1119.00

3) The 3rd one is a JP Australia All Around 11'8" x 31" board that is at home in most all conditions. Easy to paddle in smooth waters and also fun in the waves. Retail is $1599.00...sell for $1119.00

Pictures are below and I'd be more than willing to meet you for delivery if it's within a reasonable distance.

I also have some NP carbon and carbon hybrid paddles that go with the boards.

Thanks for looking.

http://www.kiteridersllc.com/shoppingca ... cts_id=340

cruiser_carbon by rcookbob, on Flickr

widebody_wsgl by rcookbob, on Flickr

allround_wsgl1 by rcookbob, on Flickr

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