Car Broken Into - Missing 17M Airush VXR

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Car Broken Into - Missing 17M Airush VXR

Postby Bryce FLK » Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:26 am

My Airush 17M race kite was taken out of my trunk last week after my car was broken into. I don't think the thief knew what they were taking as he left 2 other kites in the car but stole my 3 year old GPS that is useless if you have a smartphone. If anyone hears anything let me know!


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Re: Car Broken Into - Missing 17M Airush VXR

Postby adseguy » Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:11 am

awe man. Sorry to hear that. Were you home or at a beach?

I put an alert filter on Craigslist. It will alert me if any of those keywords show up. Thank god you almost never find kites on there so it shouldn't be hard to spot if it does show up. Fuckin' Thieves :evil:
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Re: Car Broken Into - Missing 17M Airush VXR

Postby dbur » Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:42 pm

ebay also always to configure a filter via rss... fuck thiefs
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