Blade Sale. Demos and New on sale 30-50%+ off.

If you got some new digs, thinkin its gonna help your kiting step-up to the next level, blow out your used gear here and watch that grom shred harder than you on your old kite.

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Blade Sale. Demos and New on sale 30-50%+ off.

Postby Bob » Wed May 21, 2014 1:31 pm

All my 2013 Blade kites must go and go fast. I just got in a huge new order of 2014's Blade Triggers and Mist's and closeout 2013 Fat Lady's and I need to make room.

A little history on Blade. They are a no nonsense brand and they let their performance speak for themselves. I've been looking at Blade for many years, but resisted due to having 3 really solid brands and there was already a Blade dealer in the region, but I let one brand go over a year ago and finally decided to pick up Blade after a lot of discussions with my distributor. Super glad I did.

The Blade Trigger has quickly become one of my top 3 selling kites along with Rally's and Switchblades. It's a kite that does a lot of things really well. Fast turning, easy relaunch, rips upwind and excellent jumping. Great depower and drift that really helps with wave riding or in high wind and gusty conditions.

The Blade Fat Lady 17m kite is my best selling big kite and that is saying a lot when compared to my other light wind kites. I also carry the Slingshot Turbine and Cabrinha Contra, which are both awesome light wind kites, but the Fat Lady is the best selling by quite a lot. It's the fastest turning light wind kite that still has a lot of pull and rips upwind. I rode all 3 of these again in Cape Hatteras and love the other 2 kites. On one of the last days, I rode the Fat lady and I was instantly reminded why I like it so much. It's fast turning on a small/short bar and I was boosting big on the 17m Fat Lady.

Here is my list.

Demos - 2013's:

14m Trigger (Kite only) excellent condition. Retail = $1,349.00....selling for $799.00.
13m Prime (Kite only)....hardly used. Retail = $1399.00....selling for $719.00.
11m Prime (Kite only)....hardly used. Retail = $1299.00...selling for $649.00.

2013 Uni bar and lines...Retail = $449.00...sell for $309.00

*Even though used, all of these kites are represented as is, but if there's anything not represented well, will be taken care of by me personally.

Deuce 139 board. Retail = $699.00...selling for $275.00

New 2013's:

Fat Lady: over 30% off
17m Fat Lady...Retail = $1,599.00...selling for $1,099.00 - A few left.

Triggers: 35% off
5m 2013 Trigger...Retail = $899.00....selling for $584.00 - only 1 left
9m 2013 Trigger...Retail = $1,079.00...selling for $699.00 - only 1 left
10m 2013 Trigger...Retail = $1,129.00...selling for $733.00 - a few left

Primes: 40% off

13m 2013 Prime...Retail = $1,399.00...selling for $839.00 - 1 left.
9m 2013 Prime...Retail = $1,199.00...selling for $719.00 - 1 left.
7m 2013 Prime...Retail = $1,099.00...selling for $659.00 - 1 left.

Take the 3 - 7m, 9m and 13m Prime's and take $200 off the total for all 3.

2013 Unibar = $309.00

As always, thanks for looking and I expect these to go quickly, so please contact me asap with any questions or to order.


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Re: Blade Sale. Demos and New on sale 30-50%+ off.

Postby adseguy » Wed May 21, 2014 3:56 pm

Wow! Good deals Bob!

I just changed over my quiver to Blade Triggers. They're fast, stay constantly in the same place and are easy to use. If you like waves, they've got a wave setting you can move the bridle too and I gotta say I was also impressed by the drift it had. Boost good with good hangtime and since it isn't twitchy in the wind window it does pretty good for unhooked tricks as well. The mist is better for the unhooked (like an RPM).

The bar is the real gem here I think. Clean and every feature I want. On every bar I've owned there's always something I'm not a fan of, whether it's a manual swivel, a crappy safety system, Under the bar depower (personally I hate), or not comfortable. This met all the marks for me. Comfortable, slingshot type swivel, above the bar easy to reach cleat system that doesn't limit bar throw, safety system that allows quick switching from suicide or full flag, and a simple feature to go from 45cm to 55cm length bar.

Feel free to demo any of them through me. I also have a Fat Lady big 17M light wind kite that has been doing pretty good in the reviews that you can demo as well. Just ask, don't hesitate!
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