The hottest products this spring

If you got some new digs, thinkin its gonna help your kiting step-up to the next level, blow out your used gear here and watch that grom shred harder than you on your old kite.

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The hottest products this spring

Post by Bob » Tue May 10, 2016 10:10 pm

Check out these bad boys..... We're always looking to bring you new and innovative products and this spring is one for the ages.

Here are a few of the hottest items this spring.

1) First up....Slingshot Dwarfcraft, Hoverglide Foil and Flight School 3 mast package.

I've spent a lot of time already on this set up and love having the choices of shorter or longer masts. The 15" mast will work well when just getting used to handling a foil board. The 24" works really well for the next stage when trying to foil for longer distances or for those who want to try new tricks.
My favorite is the 30" mast.
It's long enough to ride in most all conditions and fun for trying new tricks. Backroll kite loops have been landed, but many more attempts have lead to some great crashes. I'm having a ton of fun this spring on this set up. Come and join me.

The Hoverglide foil itself is a super fun foil. Last year, we got a lot of new riders into foiling with the LF Foil Fish. We were able to get new riders into the sport at a reasonable price thanks to LF's innovative design and pricing.
This year, Slingshot took it to another level. The foil is very reactive....meaning it's quick, turns well and is actually easy to ride. Home run hit with this baby.
2) Ride Engine harnesses.

I've also spent a lot of time in these harnesses and they just feel so much better. They actually conform to your back and provide superior support when overpowered. Most harnesses will collapse on the sides when the pull is hard. These harnesses have a hard shell to absorb and reduce the side pull on the ribs. Thermoformed, Carbon, or a combo of thermoformed/carbon. Do yourself a favor and contact me to try one or order one. It's hard keeping these in stock.

I thought the Hex Core line would be the best selling, but almost everyone is upgrading to the carbon series. So far the Rebstock and Spinal Tap are selling the best.
3) WMFG Tall pump.

Just get one of these. Trust me.
You'll save time and effort.
They are only $60. They should be selling for $99.
Most other regular pumps are over $40. Great deal on these.
4) Slingshot SST kite / Surfboard packages.

We're offering a sick deal on these while supplies last. Save about $1100 on a kite and surfboard.
Getting into foil boarding?
The SST is one of the best kites for this due to the best Drift of any kite on the market. Especially when the bar is pushed out far. Other kites fall, this one just sits there with just little effort on the bar.
5) WOO (Session recording device)

Want to record your sessions and compare jumping?
Get the WOO. Push yourself to go bigger.
Trust me....put this on your board and you'll want to push yourself. It's in the DNA.
The most accurate on the market and owned by cool guys.
6) As always, some of the tried and true best sellers are the following:
Cabrinha Switchblade
Slingshot Rally
Cabrinha Contra
Slingshot Turbine
Blade Fat Lady
Axis Vanguard boards.

We have an incredible selection of 2016 gear to choose from, so please contact me with any questions or to place any orders.
madison, wi

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Re: The hottest products this spring

Post by Rorke » Fri May 13, 2016 8:07 am

I have to put in a couple percent here from my observations in Hatteras this Spring.

That foilboard system is so smart. 3 masts to accelerate learning will really speed things up. I have pals who have been trying and trying (and quitting) to get foiling on their $2000 set ups. Does Slingshot have the patent on this concept? It seems so logical.
Also, there were some guys who already knew how to foil who demo'd the board and thought it was sweet. It seemed like they don't feel like this is a beginner board exclusively, but a sweet board that is perfect for beginners.
Bob, could you compare the learning curve on this system vs. a single mast system.

Also, that Ride Engine harness must be a leap in design improvement. Guys, I am not exaggerating when I say that 75% of the Real employees are wearing them. Employees get no bigger discount on that harness than other brands. When I was in the store, I saw 4 get sold in 15 minutes.

I generally think that gear reviews are bullsh!t. But Bob has a 10 year history of giving accurate, honest, expert reviews.
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Re: The hottest products this spring

Post by grigorib » Fri May 13, 2016 1:37 pm

I believe you guys missed a few we discussed on the trip
1. "Anastasia Ashley Warmups" full-length documentary DVD. (there's an "Easter egg" in the YouTube trailer video - if you watch it very, very closely you might be able to see a surfboard in the clip, maybe for a split of a second)
2. "Powerkite handling and Kitesurfing etiquette" instructional DVD by Jean-Claude
3. DVD below.
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Re: The hottest products this spring

Post by Rorke » Wed May 18, 2016 6:46 am

Looks like I will be able to give a better review of the slingshot foilboard.
My girlfriend got me one for my 40th. Over the top!

Anyway, pretty crazy to think that I posted about how smart this new product seemed, two weeks after seeing it, and NEVER thinking I would be able to possess one. I only mentioned it to my gal when we first saw it in Hatteras.
Bob must have shipped the board the day before I posted about it last week.

Anyway, the wind blew out of nowhere the day I got it. I got some little runs in. Many wipeouts. Super excited to learn something new, do some expedition sailing to the islands here, and enter into an open class regatta or two.

I do wish I took a couple of hours of lessons. Just to save me many hours of self teaching. It's alright though, getting kicked in the ass by kiting can build character.
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