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Brand new unused premium kiteboarding package for sale.

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:54 am
by Kiteboarding MKE
Im selling brand new unused kiteboarding package purchased September 28, 2018.
Unfortunately its been over 30days so I'm unable to return these items. Good news is that Im willing to part ways with this to you for a fair price. As mention early, my equipment hasn't been used, the kite hasn't even been blown up. Below is a list of all items within the package. I will provide images/receipts/meetup upon request to serious buyers. Im located in Milwaukee.

Paid $4452 asking $3k OBO. (selling as package deal)

Carved Imperator 6 carbon Kiteboard (137 x 42cm) ... -kiteboard
Carved Ultra Strap Kit (size large) ... -strap-kit
2018 Ride Engine 12K Carbon Elite Harness (size medium) ... te-harness
2018 Ride Engine Fixed Hook Bar-10" ... ook-bar-10

2018 North Evo Kiteboarding Kite (Kite Size: 12m) 
Style Kit: 2019 Freestyle Kit ... style-kit/
2019 Duotone Click Control Bar (Size: M (22 - 24m)) ... ntrol-bar/
Pump: WMFG Tall Pump ... pump-2-0t/

I can be contacted via this forum or by phone/text 414.687.3266

Thanks for your considerations