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Postby West » Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:22 pm

Groundhog day has passed, daylight saving times is upon us, and Spring is just around the corner..........It's almost that time of year again for the annual pilgrammage to the land of endless wind, CORPUS CHRISTI!!!!!

There are two ways to get a BROKITE board at a reduced price....pick up a demo at the end of the year, or order a new board at the beginning of the year!!

I will be going to Corpus in late March to help Jerry build some new boards for the season, and will be bringing them back with me in La Negra (my lil black toyota truck) sometime in early May. As more details emerge about this year's boards, I will update this post. 8)

For kiters thinking of heading down to Corpus, check out the post under kitesurfing vacations for house rental..........

Thanks, West
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