Dude, have you seen my board!

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Dude, have you seen my board!

Postby BRO » Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:21 am

Dude, have you seen my board? Have you ever discovered a week after an awesome session that you must've driven off and left your board on the beach. How about that time you became separated from your board in the waves and couldn’t see it or get back to it? Well up to now all you could do to mark your board was to write some contact information on it with a felt pen and hope that it stayed on. This was better than nothing but the person that found it could easily wipe the board clean with acetone and keep it, sell it, or hock it with little fear of being caught. If you didn’t scribble your information on the board even a well intended person had no idea how to get it back to you.

Never fear, Bro is here, with their new board registration program. Now each new board has a serial number embedded underneath the skin which is highly visible though a clear window on the deck with contact information under the serial number for a reward. This makes it easy for the finder to return the board and will keep the lost board out of the hock shops.

When you receive your board you can go to brokite.com and register it with your contact information and update if it changes. Also if you send us a picture of yourself and it will be uploaded to our gallery under bro’s with your type of board and serial number.

The new skins will be available in about 3 weeks. If you are getting a custom Bro you can pick your serial number which can be a combination of six letters or numbers of your choice. This registration system will be up and running in three weeks.

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Re: Dude, have you seen by board!

Postby Misfit » Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:14 am

Awesome idea!
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Re: Dude, have you seen my board!

Postby Northerner » Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:13 am

Definitely a great idea and just shows how custom a bro kite board can be. I’m in Hatteras right now and have gotten great wind the last four days. West hooked me up with two different Brokite boards (138 freeride and a 132 hybrid) for the trip to demo and to have other riders down here try. I have mostly been on the hybrid as it has alittle more pop. One thing that has surprised me is how different the two bottoms shapes make the board feel, with the comp bottom being much looser.

Surfs big and clean today but no wind, really wish I had my stand-up. I would go rent a surf board today but I have “Family” things to do….. Next four days is SW 15-20 so should be good. This is my first trip to Hatteras and I am very impressed with this place.

Jerry, I will be contacting you soon to order my own custom Brokite Board.
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