New Boards - Underground, Xenon and OR Makos

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New Boards - Underground, Xenon and OR Makos

Postby Bob » Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:17 pm

Hey everyone,

I just got in a small fill in order of new 2011 Underground boards. 135 FLX's are back in stock.

I was also contact by Xenon about their boards and just ordered a 135 Laluz board to demo. If I/we like it, I'll probably order a few. This board is getting rave reviews overseas and is supposed to be much lighter than most and yet super strong. We'll see. Here's a thread on kiteforum related to this board.

Also...based on my short ride on one of our local riders Ocean Rodeo Mako King, I ordered a demo Mako King and demo Mako 150. Both of these boards are well known for their cult like following and go through chop like butter with no face spray and great for waves.

As always, I love feedback from others and let me know if you are interested in taking these boards for a spin.


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Re: New Boards - Underground, Xenon and OR Makos

Postby Northerner » Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:19 pm

Bob, thats great that you got some makos in. It's a board that really really rides smooth and is alot fun in the waves. I tried on one in Vietnam and was blown away at how nice it was in the waves. This guy I had gotten to know from Vancouver offered to let my try his old beat up mako. I remember thinking that this things looks like something from 1999. After three or four offers and him saying I would love it I took it out in head high waves and was very impressed with its craving and up wind.

Tom from green bay has one and last time he was in Sheboygan he was riding his Mako king. He explain how the mako really cut down the chop and was saving his knees. that board had the most concave I had ever seen on a board

With the round nose and tail you do lose pop though, but thats not what the board is for

I strongly suggest people give the board a spin if you see Bob at a launch
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