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Postby West » Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:16 am

We realized a few years back that our best method of advertising was to have a kiter try one of our boards. Stated simply, no other board rides like a just gotta give one a spin to realize this!!!

Last year, Jerry and I started a DEMO program where we selected a few of our riders in the area, and set them up with an extra board to let other kiters check was a great success!!! So this year we expanded on that idea: we have BROKITE boards scattered throughout the Lake Michigan area, in the hands of some of our buddies who are spreading the stoke. If you ever want to demo a BROKITE, then just catch up with one of these kiters when it's blowing.....and remember a coldie is always appreciated!!!! :)


137 POP, 138 WAKE...up in Shesablowin' with the Sheriff (Andrew)
134 Freeride...........travelin' with Mike of Royal Kites in Chicago
144 Hybrid.............with Amanda, teaching around Lake Michigan
138 Hybrid.............rippin' up Point Betsie with Matt and Rorke
134 WAKE............. pushin' the limitz with Jens in Madtown
132 Hybrid.............searchin' da BIG LAKE for some waves with Palatine Greg

I also have a 134 FREERIDE and a 130 FREERIDE with me at all times if you want to check out the ultimate carving board!!!!!!

Throughout the summer and fall, the DEMO boards will be cruising around the area somewhere.....up in Tawas, at Keegs, over in Da Haven, on Lake Superior, maybe even at Wolfie........if you see a BROKITE, introduce yourself, make a friend, and take the board for a spin. Even if it is not a DEMO, chances are that you will be welcome to try it out......if not, report the incident, and the kiter's board privledges may be revoked!!!!!!!! Kind of joking, but not really.....our whole philosophy is that we are just a big family of kiters; and holding to that idea, we should share with spread the stoke......BROKITE!!!!!

P.S. looking for Schiff to get him a 130 Freeride to take down to Montrose......come in Schiff.......
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Postby zulutimer » Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:30 am

I've never tried one of these boards and would like to. I like working everything from big waves and jumps to wake tricks at wolf lake. Sounds like I might like the...138 Hybrid? I weigh 190...ish.
Let me know how to hook up for one sometime.
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Postby Northerner » Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:03 pm

We have had an outstanding response to the 138 and 134 wake demo boards up here (134 is now with Jens). I pretty much always viewed brokite as a medium to high wind board, but the wakes series with their large amount of surface area in the nose and tail have changed that.

I have ridden the 138 in a number of conditions and basically call it a high performance light wind board, with a catch. The catch is the board still rides great in high winds. Everyone that has tried the board has enjoyed the smooth ride and good upwind wind. I like the pop it produces and soft landings. The board rides so nice that one of our locals ordered one after just two sessions on it. I have found the board to be a perfect choice for those 15-20 thermal days we get here. It is alos an outstanding choice for any bigger ridders out there. Don’t let the square nose scare you off, as the Bro kite rocker line prevents it for being an issue in chop, but still gives the pop

I have ridden the 134 less, but that won’t the case for long as I just received the one in mail that I purchased. I went back and forth on which one to order, but the 134 won out as it fills a hole in my quiver and is a touch easier to throw tricks with, not that my tricks are all that great. I just wanted a board I could ride fully powered on and one that would be a good fit for my wife.

West sent the 137 pop up with me this week to have people get on it. It was a popular board last summer when we had a demo here then. If you’re up in Sheboygan ask around for a demo and we will get you on one for sure.
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Postby West » Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:27 pm

Yeah Sheriff hope you get some South flow up there this next week, prob gonna head up with Greg again when it pops!!!!

Paul, the 138 Hybrid will be up in Traverse City (Point Betsie thru the fall).....gonna be some smokin' SSW winds starting in about a couple of weeks I would imagine. However, next trip up to Shesablowin' I will be picking up the 138 WAKE to bring back down for a couple of guys in DA HAVEN to check out, if Oshkosh Bob doesn't get it first....can drop it off with you for awhile to ride. Gonna get a 130 Freeride to Schiff sometime as well.....would like to get you Montrose guys several boards to demo for the Fall. PM me your number so I can set something up with you, buddy.
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Postby Bob » Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:12 pm

Yo West,

Let me know if anyone is looking for a 134 demo. I still have mine, but mostly ride strapless if it's wave time. $399 complete. Hoping for a good wake style day tomorrow if the knees can handle it and will compare Jens 134 wake to the UG's and a Xenon 135 Laluz. Hope we get the winds.

madison, wi
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