Lake Runs Away and Hides :)

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Lake Runs Away and Hides :)

Post by steve » Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:44 am


Lake Runs Away and Hides :=)

The twelfth and second to last night of the 2011 Cabrinha Race Series was held on a cold and windy night…what else is new? Wind was averaging 19 (13-23) at Anita and 26 (21-30) at TI. Most of the 28 racers were on 11s.

Johnny Heineken and Adam Koch were off again in Germany schooling the Euros in a come from behind overall first and second, respectively. Bryan Lake was on the starting line with a recent win in the prestigious Ronstan Bridge 2 Bridge and two consecutive bullets in the Cabrinha Race Series.

In the first race, Andrew Koch was over early and DSQ’d so it was Lake, Wasson, Ty Reed, Stefaans, and Headington out front. Lake tacked over first, followed by Wasson, with the others going inside Anita before tacking. This was not to their advantage as the ebb was stronger outside. At the windward mark it was Lake over Wasson by 17 secondss. Lake missed his jibe and then exploded again on the downwind leg. However, he was able to stretch his lead at the committee boat to 25 secondss as Wasson also exploded. At the Lee mark it was Lake again by 17 seconds over Wasson, followed by Reed, Stefaans, Richards and Headington…and that’s the way they finished…Lake, Wasson, Reed, Stefaans and Headington.

The second race looked similar to the first only this time Reed was over early and the wind had dropped to 13 at Anita and 24 at TI. At the windward mark Lake missed the lay line allowing Wasson, Koch, Headington and Stefaans to make up some ground. At the boat it was Lake and Wasson using the same tactics as the first race, followed by Headington, Stefaans and Koch. Everyone went outside on the downwind leg Lake, Wasson, and Koch first to reach the lee mark, then Stefaans jibed inside of Headington to move into fourth. At the finish it was Lake by 17 seconds over Wasson, with Stefaans, and Headington pulling ahead of Koch .

The wind was still blowing 15 at Anita and 25 at TI for the third race. Once again Koch was over early. At the windward mark it was Lake by 18 seconds, followed by Wasson, Reed, Stefaans, and Headington. Lake stretched his lead at the leeward mark to 24 seconds with the same foursome chasing him. At the finish it was Lake by 30secs, Wasson, Stefaans, Reed and Headington.

As the night began, Stefaans and Headington were going to be in a battle to see who would capture the third spoton the podium for the entire series. The racing between the two of them was as good as it gets….all night, each had a chance to topple the other, but in each race it was Stefaans, the 2009 Cabrinha Camp on top.

Overall for the evening it was Lake with 3 points (1,1,1), Wasson with 6 (2,2,2), and Stefaans with 10 (4,3,3). Erika bested the women and finished 10th overall, while Due was tops in the production fleet and Morris on top in the Silver fleet.

Going into the final and 13th night of racing this Thursday, September 15, it looks like this:
Gold/Open fleet: Wasson over Lake via early season scores, then Stefaans. and Headington Although there are still a couple of protests pending and some other rules that need to be applied which could change some of the numbers, it looks like Due and Richards will be battling it out for the fifth and sixth spot, Brown and vonTesmar for the 7th and 8th spots, with Gore, Segura and Gomes battling for the 9thand 10th spots.
Women’s fleet: Erika and Boriana go into the last night all tied for the top spot…so they will be racing each other to see who stands atop the podium. They will be followed by Eugenia for third
Production Fleet: Should be Eric Due, VonTesmar, and Herscher
Silver Fleet: Herscher takes a two point lead into the final night over Growney and Geleynese, with Morris only one point further behind…the top spot and the podium is up for grabs.

There will be a free raffle after the racing, and I believe October 7 has been set for the awards party.

The Cabrinha Race Series is sponsored by Cabrinha, Ozone Travel, and Captain Kirk’s and hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club.

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Re: Lake Runs Away and Hides :)

Post by IVO » Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:17 pm

Damn Steve!!!!!!!!!You caught me again with the title........,but you arent gonna get me next time :lol:
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