New winter destination: Sao Vicente (a Cape Verde island)

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New winter destination: Sao Vicente (a Cape Verde island)

Postby mvandijk » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:51 pm

We (I'm from Holland, Ola is from Poland) set up a kitesurf centre on Sao Vicente (one of the Cape Verde islands).

Wind is super consistent. The orientation of the beaches is such that with the trade winds coming from N-NE early and late in the windy season and NE in the middle of the windy season, we have a long period of useable wind from the start of October to beyond the end of June. The statistics from windguru 2008 & 2009 (confirmed in the 2010/2011season when we measure on the beach) are very impressive.
We measure useable wind as % of time during the day (not night) with 11-25 knots in a good direction (cross-shore or cross-onshore). Here they are:
October 92%
November 99%
December 96%
January 87%
February 96%
March 85%
April 97%
May 99%
June 95%
The exception to these statistics is when we have a global weather change that affects the trade winds. The one that impacts Sao Vicente is La Nina during the fall/winter/spring (this happened in the October 2009 – February 2010 but is not predicted to come back soon).

There are more than 6 kitesurf spots all within a max of 30min drive of eachother with varying conditions (wind from left/right, waves smaller/bigger, waves breaking left/right). Although we do have small areas with flat water (including one where you can stand), the only limitation of Sao Vicente is that we do not have a very large area with flat water without swell where you can stand knee to waist deep. We have our center on Salamansa which is a large bay with sandy beach, no coral, no beach break, al little flat water area upwind and a point break at the far (upwind) end of the bay.

What’s also worth mentioning: Cape Verde is a catholic country. Sao Vicente (and the island close to it: Santo Antao) are beautiful and unspoilt with genuine Capeverdian culture (morabeza). The city of Mindelo in Sao Vicente is super fun and famous for its musicians and other artists.

Sao Vicente can be reached from Chicago: flights on wednesdays from Chicago to Amsterdam with United and then (with transfer time of 1hr 15min) on from Amsterdam to Sao Vicente with TACV, an airline from Cape Verde (Tel: 617-472-2431, e-mail: NOTE: travel agencies and websites unlikely to have any info about TACV flights)

If you want more information, please contact us or visit our website on:
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