Jens that you in the sound??

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Jens that you in the sound??

Postby hui87 » Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:56 pm

I just saw a post in pskite with a bro board in the photo. The only place I've seen them are back here in the mid west. If its you and you ever make it out this way again give me a pm. According to you descriptions of bellingham you went to driftwood its a little adventure getting there. You should have went to locust the there is a clubhouse for parking and a maintained trail to the beach, with the wind we had the other day you could have been where you were at in 2 tacks. No going through barbwire :wink: . Next time out you have to try double bluff in medium to low tide its a flat water playground and you can stand in the water about half mile out. The beaches are tight for launching here in the NW but within a 2hr drive of seattle you can get 3 days a week almost year round. Hope you had fun on your vaca.

Oh ya no joke about the orcas. You missed them by about 2 weeks. Its cool to think about seeing them but when they are next to you its the scariest thing ever :evil: . They are not those friendly animals from Sea World and they don't call them killer whales for nothing. The one I saw was as large as my subaru silent as hell not affected by waves super methodical. I saw the fins and the breach and I was out of there.
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Re: Jens that you in the sound??

Postby jensmadwind » Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:43 am

yeah that was me!!!

I tried to go to locust first but as I went down the drive all I saw were NO Trespassing signs. I could see both launches from a park on a bluff in between them, it was just that I could only find one group of parked cars with kiteboarding stickers on them. The direction of the wind was such that I was able to tack up to Locust on one tack. Both are cool spots and I do hope to get back out there in the spring or fall. It was a Flat Out ADVENTURE.
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Re: Jens that you in the sound??

Postby West » Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:58 pm

NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! coast to coast........Madtown ripper :D
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