Reap what you sew....

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Reap what you sew....

Postby skysurfr » Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:20 pm

It's been a long long time since Terry, V, Tim and I all ran into each other at Montrose....has it been 12 . 13. or 14 years ago?

We, as a group, decided early on that Safety was the Key to having this sport grow in the Chicago area. While it may not have been cool, and many called us overzealous, the end results have made it all worth wile.

Back then, I traveled to lots of different kiteboarding spots. I experienced something that I never wanted to happen here in the Chicago area. I saw kiteboarders ignoring other kiteboarders who were in trouble or in need of help. I saw people who the night before shared beers and stories, look on as one of their "friends" was being dragged toward rocks or as their kite blew away. I was at beaches where it was un-cool to have someone help you launch or land your kite. It was much more cool to self land by slamming your $2000 kite into the ground repeatedly and then bitching about the bladder leaks. Others in the original crew saw it too.

We vowed... NOT HERE... We will kite as a team... once for all and all for one.

We rallied together as one to beat the Park Districts Ban and Promoted Safety ever chance we could.

Now we reap what we had sewn so many years ago.

"Thanks Lynch..." "thanks Artem" "thanks to the guy who rescued my board" "found... board... found.. kite..pump..gloves...etc..."

Let me say Thanks to everyone who continues the tradition of safety and camaraderie on and off the water!

You're continuing to build one of the best kiteboarding communities in the world.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone!


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Re: Reap what you sew....

Postby West » Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:36 am

Well said there Mike.....I couldn't agree any more with your assessment of the kiting "community" in the Chicagoland area. We are always on the lookout for others in need, it is not like that everywhere, if anywhere...I will always remember a day at Michigan City about 10 years ago when I was still in the process of trying to stay upwind...I got slammed, dropped my kite in the water and lost my board; I finally got my kite back up in the air, only to find out that I was unable to bodydrag back upwind to my board...try as I may I could not get there. I was the last one out, it was a spring day, gusty and side-shore and I began to get cold....Lo and Behold, V put his wetsuit back on, re-launched his kite and came out to aid me.....I have always tried to emulate that same watchful, helpful spirit!!!

Our waters are often COLD, and our beaches desolate...Other kiters are usually the only means of help available..... I think that is one of the reasons we are always "hammering" newcomers to the sport with the IDEAS OF SAFETY!! I must say that I echo your sentiments about being proud of those that continue to learn, excel and help their "fellow kiters" on the BIG LAKE!!

Strength in numbers that add up to ONE.... it sure makes the beer taste better when you are toasting another magical session with your kiting buddies that you know "have your back" at all times!! Keep your eyes peeled, and your hearts open.......CHEERS :D
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