Offshore Riding?

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Re: Offshore Riding?

Postby FSP » Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:59 pm

Going to the mecca, flying that plane is all part of the life forrrrr surrrrre. Now where are them folks with jetskis???? I would buy one so let us know.

As for more info on the deal... there is a rock island break wall in shallow water just 50 yards off an Isolated beach the public cant get to for rigging and hanging out. This is just 30 yards from the wind zone and from the channel where Shoreline brew and other places to stop off and finish the day right. hell you can even snorkel with loads of fresh water fish off that island if you want to make it a day.

As far as the riding, it would work best as a round robin play where you either team up and take breaks or every third person rotates as rescue. Must have min of 2 skis in water at all times.

Other options are inflatable zodiacs with removable outboards or working with the jetski rental businesses or charters (tho maybe to expensive).

Bottom line is: most days you can actually make it back to a beach north of the pier on your own the way it all works, but absolutely should not be done with out a special ops kite team of back up. Water that time of year is sooooo blue (no algae) and is rideable most any 10-20knt south/southwest day though greatly amplified 50 yards offshore.
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Re: Offshore Riding?

Postby kitegrab » Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:08 pm

The most important part students learn in kiteboarding lessons is understanding 'risk management'. Im a fighter pilot for the US Air Force-We call this Operational Risk Management and we do this every time before we fly. The four principles of ORM are:
-Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost.
- Accept no unnecessary risk.
-Anticipate and manage risk by planning.
- Make risk decisions at the right level.
This simply comes down to considering all factors and whether they add or subtract from the risk. Subsequently, mitigating the existing risk level by adding certain variables (i.e. Its offshore today and cold so I will wear a wetsuit and have boat support just in case things go south). We use this ORM every time we go up and fight and it will definitely apply to kiteboarding given the extreme nature and changing variables. If you are in a controlled environment with adequate support i.e. dedicated jet skis who are constantly watching, then this might be an acceptable risk. The most important thing to take from this is to make risk assessments every time you kite.
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