Monkeys in Space 2 DVD Review

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Monkeys in Space 2 DVD Review

Postby V » Wed Feb 02, 2005 9:12 am

Got this last week. Was pumped up for some epic sequences that everyone was raving about this video for. Started off good. It is your typical cheeze flick glorifying the riders that filmed themselves. Some low-budget dubbing and splicing, but the kiting was what I was waiting for so none of that mattered.

The kiting was okay. The occasional chick bent over with the gratuitous ass shots were plenty and some good looking asses I might add, but it was only the same 3 girls over and over. Okay, boys, I think there should have been more girls to film than that!

The kiting sequences in terms of location were awesome. The waves ripped. The riders ripped em. However, it got boring quickly. No sweet moves, no clear vid shots. In fact, the video was so blown out from the sun in some areas that if I was the editor, I would have chopped that out.

Out of the 35 minutes total, I would estimate:

5 minutes of glory-hogging headshots
5 minutes of "hype" intro graphics and dubs
2 minutes of the same 3 chicks bent over
5 minutes of dialogue with various monkeys
15 minutes of actual kiting.

15 minutes of kiting!!! For $30, it was not worth it AT ALL!
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