Free Kitesurfing eBook giveaway on Amazon Kindle as thanks!

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Free Kitesurfing eBook giveaway on Amazon Kindle as thanks!

Postby John_A » Mon May 07, 2012 2:00 pm

Hi guys, been reading this forum on and off for quite a while now and wanted to give something back. so this post is to let you know that you’ll be able to pick up a free copy of my bestselling eBook “Kite Surfing Essentials – Learn how to Kitesurf safely and easily NOW” from amazon’s Kindle store now this weekend. Now, amazon doesn’t let you do any codes or such and only lets you have a few days of free copies, so this is the best I could figure out. There’s no catch, no mail signup, no delivery cost that I know of at least. You don’t need a kindle either, just a computer (well, an amazon account, but those are free) it even works with an iPhone.

The book is a beginner guide so it is mostly geared towards newbies but there might be a few things for the more seasoned kiter in it as well. It includes: safety (of course!), kite training, how to launch and land the kite, water starting, basic exercises, gear choice and care, gear guide for kites, boards, harnesses etc, checklists and lots of other stuff and an FAQ etc. I also got some short but sweet beginner’s tips directly from Kari Schibevaag, Youri Zoon and Marc Jacobs that’s in the book.

You’ll find the book here: ... nfivebo-20

Mods: hope it’s ok to include a link since this is a free giveaway. If its not cool to post links, could you please just take out the link and then people can search for the title?

NOTE: the free period will start Saturday at approximately 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (U.S Time) and end Sunday at approximately 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time so youll have to translate that to your time zone.

Hope you'll like the book! //John

Edit: added what the book is about…
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