Next KS Kite&Surf Trip"Morocco Mission" GIRLS ONLY

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Next KS Kite&Surf Trip"Morocco Mission" GIRLS ONLY

Postby CheluKS » Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:54 am

Hi everyone!
The Kite Sisters have launched their next Trip GIRLS ONLY to Morocco in September!
Check the video!

This time, the Kite Sisters will explore the exotic Moroccan land in a Trip that will open your mind to the sport, history and culture ...
The days of Kite and Surf will be mixed with the world of the fortified city of Essaouira, it´s sandy and windy beaches, people, music, art, tastes and colors of it´s market and traditions...
The KS Kite&Surf Trip "Morocco Mission", a Kite, Surf, KiteWave, SUP, relaxation sessions in Hammam (Arab baths), excursions and a group of girls travelling together with the same passion...

Contact to for further info and to get the different affordable packages according to your level and if you are coming with your own gear!

Good waves and wind and see you on moroccan lands!
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Re: Next KS Kite&Surf Trip"Morocco Mission" GIRLS ONLY

Postby skysurfr » Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:29 am

My kite buddy from the UK just returned from there. It seems it's expensive, gusty as hell, wished he'd bought and brought a 5 or 6M kite....camel shit on the beach, some sort of bouys in the water all over....I'll ask him to give a full report. Most of his facebook status updates were... Drinking $5/bottle beer...waiting for the wind to settle down....watching more TV....gusting to 40....etc...


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