First Real Kitemare

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First Real Kitemare

Postby mrgrey » Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:59 pm

Not sure if this is worth sharing but, just my account of a great day almost gone wrong.

While kiting at my family's lakehouse this weekend I managed to get in 5 hours of riding and even got to try my new North X-ride.. however, I found out that even though they treat for weeds and kill 90% of em' I dropped the kite in a bad lull on a transition and the right turning line went under water enough to grab about 60 pounds of weeds. Fortunately, the lake is shallow, but I was still in waist/chest deep water and getting pulled in to the weeds as the kite started to "bow" over and get really powered. I tried to see if it would fly itself out as a hot launch but failed and it began to "death loop uncontrollably"

I pulled the release but to no avail because the weeds had effectively tied all the lines together and found myself with no other solution rather than pop it all loose and watch as my kite would sail off in to the trees........................... luckily it did not and I swam through the patch of weeds and ran to catch the kite as it was rolling over the water at breakneck speed, even while towing a hefty sum of sea weed to certain destruction. I caught up with the kite about fifteen yards from certain death and breathed a sigh of relief as I realized what just happened over the last five minutes. Visibly shaken I pulled myself together and began the suprisingly short time it took to get the lines back in order. Ten minutes later I was ready to go again...and did, only avoiding the small weed patch this time. I am glad they treat the lake for weeds, however, obviously only killed a majority of them leaving a few small patches.

After thinking about it I probably should have popped the kite earlier before I ended up in the weeds and possibly getting pulled under and tangled, albeit the water depth was chest to waist deep only. I found myself worrying about the stupid kite more than anything and now have a healthier respect of how things can go bad.

****PS Sorry I posted this in the "Where to Ride" forum.. thought I was in the "Open Forum"*****
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Re: First Real Kitemare

Postby Hoosier Daddy » Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:05 pm

Thanks for the story. It's good to know of things that can go wrong especially something you've probably never thought of before. I could see this happening in the right (or wrong) conditions at Wolf Lake.
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Re: First Real Kitemare

Postby adseguy » Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:09 pm

I like hearing these stories a few times a year. It kind of makes you pull back and check your equipment for a third time. The death spiral is always the worst IMO. I've had it a few times and never could recover, I always released FULLY. I never wanted to, but had to. I think someone posted a year or two ago about an incident and how keeping your cool and re-evalutating the situation sometimes can be a life-saver. Think fast and smart. Thanks for posting
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Re: First Real Kitemare

Postby Pier » Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:32 pm


thanks for sharing the story, it is always useful to refresh our minds that things can go bad at anytime.

I'm glad that ended up OK, you managed it the right way.

See you in the water

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