2012 and 2013 Slingshot Rally comparison

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2012 and 2013 Slingshot Rally comparison

Postby Bob » Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:34 pm

I posted some info on Kiteforum recently and also on my Kiteridersllc.com forum and thought I'd post the same here for everyone to read and comment on with your findings.

I love the 2012 Rally for strapless riding and wave riding and have spent the majority of this year and some of last year riding strapless due to injury recoveries and I enjoy strapless riding.

Reason i bring this up is my twin tip riding and boosting have been few and far between. Review below is based on recent sessions on both twin tips and strapless.

Quality, construction, etc is all top notch as always. I've used the 6m, 8m, 12m 2012 Rally and the 8m and 10m 2013 Rally recently for comparisons. Recently had some new guys training on the 2013 Rally and Tomahawk'd it a bunch and it took it like a trouper.

Riding style of the 2013 is geared more towards big air, ripping upwind, tons of range and tons of power. It has a slightly heavier bar pressure than last year, but in no way is it heavy. It's slightly less than light bar pressure. Last years Rally was light bar pressure and fast turning. This year is quick turning, but jumping is insane and the hang time is better and it's more stable in gusty winds and for heavier riders.

Last years 2012 though was a wave riding dream. Fast turning that would pivot turn on it's wing tip. This years is an arc turn, which isn't as good for wave riding for some. It drifts really well though. Both kites are similar in drift. The 2012 Rally would turn the instant you cranked the bar. The 2013 would have a very brief delay in turning, but if I cranked the bar all the way, it would turn quick, but not fast.

Recently I had some of my better days riding (injury free) in a long long time especially on twin tips. Due to many injuries and recoveries, my twin tip riding has been completely replaced by riding strapless surf boards all year and a lot last year. Plus it's fun to ride strapless.

So I wanted to try the 2013 Rally's compared to the 2012's and see how they boosted. I went higher than I've ever been on many jumps on the 2013 Rally. The lift is very impressive and I felt at home right away on this kite. It was one of the easier kites to feel comfortable jumping right out of the bag. The hang time is incredible, but hard for me to honestly compare to last years since i didn't jump last years much at all. I hear from others it has much better hang time.

It's going to be a hard choice between these 2 kites. Some guys, including me, like last years much better for waves, but this years for boosting. I have quite a few of last years Rally's ordered due to this knowing some will prefer that kite. It also boosts really well, but isn't quite as stable overall for bigger riders.

When I rode the 12m 2013 Rally strapless, I wanted it to pivot turn so I could make more aggressive turns. If overpowered, the 2012 Rally will pivot turn much better.

Yes, I am hoarding 2012 Rally's for those of you who want this kite.

I hope this helps and let me know your thoughts and comparisons if any.

Also, check the FOR SALE section for the 2012's on Closeout.

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