Kite Repair

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Kite Repair

Postby kitenick » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:33 am

Fellow kiters,

I have been taking sewing lessons in the hopes of repairing kites here in Chicago. Not in it for the money, will just look to get some minimal labor and materials. I am doing this just for knowledge and a hobby. Also, my buddy just sent a kite to "fix your kite" and got screwed both on time and money (never even got dinner out of it). I am not sure if Mac does it on the other side, but, we need something on this side. So, I guess for several reasons.

So I am at the point where I need a kite to PRACTICE on. I am looking for a old kite that no one in thier right mind would every fly. I plan on taking it apart and then putting it back together. But, I have no intentions of selling or flying. In fact, if you want it back after I'm done with it, cool. I do not have any that I would use for this.

OK, who has got something I could use? If its a donation kite, I will sew one of your kites in the future for free and place it in th efront of the line. Or I can buy one from someone and, again, I am looking for a "next to nothing kite" again just for PRACTICE.

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