Blade Uni Bar Depower Cleat "throw" is adjustable

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Blade Uni Bar Depower Cleat "throw" is adjustable

Postby Bob » Tue Jun 18, 2013 1:21 pm

To anyone who is looking for a new bar or has a new 2013 Blade Uni Bar, I've attached a video below to show that you can custom change the length of the throw on the bar. If you have shorter arms, you can make a really easy adjustment to pull the depower portion closer to you. Or, if you want a longer throw, you can adjust accordingly.

It will still keep the total depower the same, it just makes the depower cleat closer or further away. Nice easy custom adjustment. ... mkEelUu9M#!

If you are looking to upgrade from an older bar, this bar is a great option.

Thanks for looking and I have these bars as well as all the Blade kites in stock.

madison, wi
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