Get your edges ready for winter

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Get your edges ready for winter

Postby 4w7s » Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:07 pm

Snow will be flying and lakes will be getting hard soon, and it's nice to have good edges on the boards around here.

I started using an EdgeTune last winter with great results. You can see what the finish edge looks like (before and after) in a thread I posted at
Please note that I did not have the sidewall planer mentioned when I tuned this ski (which was my test ski). The sidewall planer will eliminate the build-up of sidewall material you will notice. The sidewalls should also be kept clean and smooth for an efficient edge.

The conventional method of using a file leaves scoring (as shown in the photos) and the file takes off more metal than necessary. Also, as the manufacturer states "I like the analogy of sharpening an ax with a wouldn't sharpen it by filing along the edge, as there is always the risk of "rolling" across the edge and dulling it. EdgeTune is unique in that it grinds across the edge, providing the sharpest edge possible."

The other thing that is interesting about this is that you can achieve a "hollow ground edge" (think "ice skates") by changing the Dremel angle with the EdgeTune jig. Once you get your edges tooled into shape they will remain sharp much longer and it is much easier to keep them sharp with periodic grinding.
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