Advice for buying 1st Foil Kite

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Advice for buying 1st Foil Kite

Post by edger »

Hi all, Im thinking of buying a foil kite, but have no clue where to start. Was hoping some of you could educate me a bit. Im an advanced rider who enjoys jumping 25ft plus. I weigh about 190lb and looking to get rid of my 15M LEI for light wind and exchange it for a foil. 1st question: If I’m looking to boost and float…what size as compared to my 15M LEI in a foil would I need? I fly Core XRs. Looking to be used in winds around 12-18kts. I usually can hold down 1-2 sizes larger than what is being normally used for the day.

Second question. If Boosting and floating are the important factors, any suggestions for the brand and foil type? Ive heard that Flysurfers are the go to, but others have said this:

“Just as an aside, the Flysurfer kites have always had overly complicated bridles and a poor depower system.

High end paragliders are going to 2 and 3 line (2 or 3 rows of bridle lines). The kites I used were 2-3 line kites 10 years ago. Flysurfer still use complicated, multi-row bridle systems.

In recent years several paraglider manufacturers have brought out single skin, light weight wings. They're light and simple and the performance is greatly reduced compared to a fully functional double-skin wing. I would be pleasantly surprised if the Flysurfer Peak offered more than basic performance compared to a double skin wing.”

Thanks fort the help.

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Re: Advice for buying 1st Foil Kite

Post by Bob »

Hi Edger,

I used to encourage riders to NOT buy foils at all due to experience with older Flysurfer Speed 2's, etc. However, the newer "race" kites by Flysurfer, Ozone and others are really good foil kites.

They have inherent disadvantages, but in the right conditions, they are pretty cool kites. I use foils personally only on snow due to smaller beaches for launching in the summer, but if you have wide open areas that would work well.

I carry and fly the LF Elites and have a 15m and 12m. The 12m was awesome right out of the box. The 15m, not so much. The 15m needed an adjustment to make it fill in and still have not had it out.

Even though I have the 15m Elite in stock, I would actually recommend the Ozone R1 V2 or the Flysurfer. Guys online can give better input on the differences, but I've heard great things about both. I think they are probably better kites overall.

As mentioned, I don't have any of these in stock, but would be glad to order one if needed.

Do you ride foil boards yet? Higher aspect kites with foil boards are also great combos.

Feel free to contact me and I hope this helps.

madison, wi

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Re: Advice for buying 1st Foil Kite

Post by edger »

Tried a foil board a few times. Will stick to surfboard and twin tips for now. Looking to boost and float on the Foil kites. Maybe will pick up the foil board later. Too much fun Im having right now:)

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Re: Advice for buying 1st Foil Kite

Post by dbur »

I'd suggest Ozone Chrono 15m or 13m... R1 has thinner and less durable bridle lines so they stretch and have to be tuned or replaced more often.
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Re: Advice for buying 1st Foil Kite

Post by WaWaZat »

Hey Edgar!

I have a stunning blue & white demo Flysurfer Speed 3.5 in like new condition available for sale. Great hang-time and depowers extremely well! Have had it out when the wind increased to 20kts and it handles it very nicely. The thing about the bridle on this kite is that it is highly adjustable for best possible performance. I've never had an issue with being "overly complicated".

Email me if interested. I run a demo program if you'd like to try before you buy.

See ya on the beach!!
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Re: Advice for buying 1st Foil Kite

Post by grigorib »

My couple of cents as a person who rode bunch of foil and LEI kites and went through dozens of them.
- your Core XR 15m is probably the best LW kite you or anyone at 190 lbs. would ever find. Maybe right after Slingshot Turbine 15m
- Flysurfer makes amazing gear and they source expertise from their paragliders division
- there's no paragliders with A/Z rows only and Speed4 was simpler A/B/Z for those who appreciate simplicity but no significant gain otherwise
- Ozone XXLite is a great example of single skin wing and Flysurfer Peak is a kiting equivalent (somewhat) - they're super light and pack very compact. Capable of flying in 2 knots of wind. Nice gear to take on a ski trip. Nice kite to use on a skateboard for street kiting. Good kite to learn on as it won't explode upon any impact. But. Looping sucks, boosting sucks and you don't want to crash it anywhere you can't stand cause you'll be screwed.
- overall none or the foil kites will satisfy you as much as your existing gear and if you start demoing foils you'll know what I'm talking about. Including messy packing, doubtful drift launches, canopy porosity increasing with use, no floatation assistance, messy bow-ties etc.
- foils are great snow/land kites and amazing race wings otherwise but there it ends for now...

It was Jimbo's 17m Core XR which I could happily ride 3 years ago in Tawas after my 19m Speed3 DLX would not get me on plane anymore though next day in more wind I rode mine just fine and above mentioned S3.5 was flown along. Made me reconsider foil kites hype right there.

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