where to ride near Northwestern U June 23-26

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where to ride near Northwestern U June 23-26

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Hello Chicago,
I'll be visiting NWU June 23-26 for other-than-kite reasons. If I get the chance, where should I try to sail?
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Re: where to ride near Northwestern U June 23-26

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Hey Steve,

As we approach the hot Summer on Lake Michigan, the good days to kiteboard get fewer and farther between.

As for Kiteboarding in Chicago, Montrose is the only place we are permitted to kite. One windy days, locals will also be there to make sure you are capable enough to ride safely, issue you a streamer and stay out of the swimming area. Usually you can show your IKO card to Windward Board Shop in Wrigleyville and they will issue you a streamer but they went through a remodel and seemed to have misplaced them all. Now you can contact me (tyedye), Paul (Zulutimer) or Mike (Wawazat) if you would like to get a hold a streamer to kite to kite there. There are thousands of beach goers that frequent Montrose beach on warm sunny days, miles of rocky breakwalls and heavy fines from the coast guard if you need a rescue so you need to use your best judgement whether or not to ride there on any given day.

The next closest place to kite would be Waukegan or Zion(Illinois State Beach). This is about an hour drive but the quality of riding is much better.

Your next best bet is Lake st. Beach in Miller, IN or Wolf Lake in Hammond,IN.

Just give me a shout if you have questions about where to launch and which wind direction works on any given day and I'll make sure you get it. Till then, you can look at these resources:
https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mi ... _StJIWwAWM

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