Dynabar or Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar - Thoughts?

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Dynabar or Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar - Thoughts?

Post by Rainmann »

Just purchased a new Mystic Majestic waist harness and was thinking of adding a Dynabar V8 XT or Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar (Mystic does not make a slider bar that fits the straps for this harness). I tried a few of the wave harnesses but the Majestic fit me the best.
I have been riding a directional and foil a lot this summer so if you use one now or have used one in the past please let me know if you would recommend. Most interested in your thoughts on performance and reliability.
Thanks everybody and good winds!

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Re: Dynabar or Dakine Sliding Spreader Bar - Thoughts?

Post by dbur »

I did use Dakine sliding bar for sometime because it came with C1 harness. It was OK however slide action wasn't that smooth and more limited in range, so I went back to using Dynabar. I think I'd prefer any rope based slider to Dakine system which is utilizing wide webbing.
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