What should I know after first 8 hours of training

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What should I know after first 8 hours of training

Post by acmaciek »

Hey Guys
I just completed 8 hours of training, and all I know is some theory , self rescue and body drags, my instructor wants me to take more lessons so I can start riding a board. I am afraid that after I purchase another 8 hours he will tell me that I need more. Is it normal that I have to take few 8 hour blocks before I even start shredding. I am very concerned with money as I am a student, and I have a deep passion for this sport. However I feel like someone is trying to make a quick $ out of me, and my passion for this sport starts turning into an anger. Please tell me if I am wrong, or how many lessons is needed to become good enough to surf on my own.
I apologize for dramatic tone of this post , but I am very disappointed, and I think more people should know that either there are scammers out there or that 1000$ worth of lessons will only teach you how to drag your body across the lake.


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Re: What should I know after first 8 hours of training

Post by West »

Hey buddy, Lessons are highly recommended, and it's great that you are going that route! Most instructors have the student's safety as the highest priority when teaching beginning kiters; kiting can be very dangerous. It is possible that you've learned far more than you realize; everyone progresses at a different pace.

The location and the conditions you are learning in also have an impact on your learning curve. Some students travel to a shallow, warm water location to learn at a more rapid pace.

Judging from your previous post, where you wondered about pricing of gear and your instructor's integrity; I think you are experiencing a "trust" dilemma with your instructor. Compound that with this new "trust" issue, and I think you need to do some more research on instructors and schools and just move on. Find someone reputable, with testimonials from local kiters. It is imperative to trust your instructor: his skills, his advice, and his integrity!

I do not know where you are located or where you plan on kiting but there are several Chicago area schools and instructors that fit that bill....

Good luck, stay persistent and above all kite safely, West

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Re: What should I know after first 8 hours of training

Post by tyedye »

It sounds like your instructor didn't want to get wet.

It's the instructors job to find a pace that works for you that challenges you but is also safe and enjoyable. If you get hung up on a certain skill, it's important to go back a step and spend more time honing in the skills that will make the next step easier. Generally an 8 hour package has the following steps.

1-2 hours of ground school.
1 hour of Flying a trainer kite
1 hour setting up a kiteboarding kite, learning about safety and flying a larger kite

2-3 Water time
Launching and Landing a kite safely while in the water
Body dragging downwind to simulate board starts
Body dragging upwind to simulate retrieving your board
Relauching the kite in deep water
Self Rescue

2-4 Board time
Body dragging with board
Board starts

It is very unusual to not have touched the board by the end of your 8 hours but sometimes the conditions we have on lake Michigan can set us back more than if you were to learn at a location with flat, shallow water and steady wind. Many of my students will have all of these skills by the end of their 8 hours and but still feel more comfortable continuing on with lessons because the wind and water conditions vary every time you put a kite in the air and you can learn the subtleties of nature faster if someone you trust with your life is looking out for your best interest.
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Re: What should I know after first 8 hours of training

Post by dbur »

if you have solid kite control skills and able to body drag upwind (you should be able to perfect that by yourself at this point) then you should only need couple of hours of instruction with the board and then you can start working on downwind circuits independently.... also ask for advice at the beach and watch instructional videos
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Re: What should I know after first 8 hours of training

Post by Bob »

How old are you, how athletic are you and do you catch on to sports quickly?

What other sports do you do for crossover learning. Meaning, do you bring other things to the table that will make it easier for learning. Do you understand all about the wind?

8 hours is a lot of hours for training unless you are a slow learner and have not shown proper skills to progress to the next level.
We only let students go to the next skills when they show proper performance and judgement at the current level.

Kite control is key in the beginning.

We teach a lot of riders and at 6-8 hours of training most riders are already self sufficient where they can practice on their own at the right location. They already know the safety aspects, have good kite control, can get up and ride short distances in both directions, know how to properly launch a kite in the water (maybe not on land yet depending on location) and can properly self rescue.

Please feel free to contact me at bob@kiteridersllc.com if you'd like to talk further. I don't want to ask where you are taking lessons here. If you are in the area, we can help, but if not, there are still some things I can do to help you with your progression to make sure you are getting quality training.

Good luck my friend either way.

It's a crazy addictive sport and SO much fun.

madison, wi

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Re: What should I know after first 8 hours of training

Post by WaWaZat »

Let me address this aspiring kiter’s concerns as I’m the instructor to whom he’s referring.

First of all, thank you West for being realistic and truthful about our local conditions and for recognizing what every responsible, competent instructor must know and always live by… the student’s safety. Kiteboarding is a humbling sport and some students respond better to being humbled than others.

Maciek, you did an awesome job in your lessons! You seemed to grasp kiting safety, kiter etiquette, wind theory, spot and condition assessment and kite control theory right away. You were one of those students that when you were told something specific, you got it immediately. That’s rare, believe me. For example, after going over kite control theory first, before actually flying the kite, you didn’t fall into a habit that all instructors face with many students… instinctively pulling in on the bar when the kite is falling out of the sky or when you’re feeling out of control and start holding onto the bar for dear life. I’m always proud as shit whenever I see a student do that! And I must admit it made me feel good when you recognized this and told me what a good teacher I was. Your quick internalization of how to keep the kite in the air, save it from crashes and engage the kite to power yourself confirmed that our conversation about kite control theories/aerodynamics as it applies to a de-powerable kite was time well spent.

Welcome to the Great Lakes kiter community. You did the right thing seeking insight. I'm glad you care enough about mastering this sport that you reached out for input. Let’s clarify some things so everyone is on the same page. You did an amazing job out there and we did get to board starts but you still need more practice. If I let a student’s unrealistic expectations of where they think they should have been at the end of an initial lesson block be a priority over my responsibility for that student’s safety, then I’m not fulfilling my obligation as an instructor. And it’s not just the student I have an obligation to… I have to consider the safety of those around him/her, our continued beach access which we all have to be vigilant about preserving and the integrity of the sport. Each student is unique in terms of their learning pace and natural ability and while I adjust my curriculum to fit the aptitude of each individual, what I can’t and won’t adjust is making sure every person I teach the sport to is not only comfortable with the fundamental theories, but can apply them in the moment instinctively. Maciek, you’re too hard on yourself. Leave that part to me or whomever you choose to continue lessons with. I know some of my competitors have graciously offered to help you. That’s cool… we’re all friends. I care a lot about this community and that we all dedicate ourselves to making sure the kiters we release into the wind are safe, responsible, skilled, independent and above all else… ready.

As an aside, just so we’re clear, you paid $680 for that eight hour block of time plus some gear rental fees, most of which I applied towards the purchase of an awesome shiny brand new kiteboard which on top of that I gave you a solid deal.

We’re headed in to the spicy and colorful, Fall wind season. See ya on the beach!!
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