Purchasing my first equipment HELP!

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Purchasing my first equipment HELP!

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Hey Guys
I feel like I am getting a hang of kiteboarding, and it is time for me to step up and finally buy my first gear and start learning and riding on my own.
As a beginner rider I am not very familiar with the equipment on the market so I would like to nicely ask you all for help here :).
I found some stuff on the internet and I would like to ask you to determine which one of those kites would be the best buy for beginner kiteboarder without much experience.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/253100628800?rmvSB=true LIQUID FORCE WOW 12M 2016
http://c.ikitesurf.com/classifieds/28346 CABRINHA SWITCHBLADE 12M 2012
http://c.ikitesurf.com/classifieds/28950 NAISH TORCH 12M 2015
http://c.ikitesurf.com/classifieds/29383 NORTH REBEL 12M 2013
http://c.ikitesurf.com/classifieds/25602 SWITCH NITRO3 12M 2014
http://c.ikitesurf.com/classifieds/27479 LIQUID FORCE ENVY 12M 2012(BRAND NEW)

Thats all I was able to find within my budget, please help me decide which kite would be the best for the beginner. They all come with bars.
Thank you for taking your time to help.

Peace V

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